The 5 Best Balding Clippers to Keep Your Head Perfectly Smooth in 2018

Did you know that some people spend more than 20 minutes each morning just styling their hair? That is a lot of time to waste each and every day. Now don’t get us wrong, if you have the time and inclination to do so, by all means, go right ahead. Some people look amazing with long hair.

However, if you are one of those people suffering from a genetically receding hairline, or just one of those guys that does not have 20 minutes each morning trying not to make your hair look greasy, then maybe it is about time you considered the bald look?!

Synonymous with tough, no-nonsense men, the bald look is quickly becoming rather popular with most men nowadays. Not only does it mean that you will never have to worry about the wind messing up your do, but it also means that you do not have to worry about expensive hair products that tend to end up on the collar of your white dress shirt anyway. Yes, there are quite a few advantages to going bald.

The 5 Best Balding Clippers for 2018

If this is something you have considered in the past and have finally decided to go for it, good on you. However, this means that you will need to start getting acquainted with some of the best tools for the job and the most important tool for a bald head is the clippers he/she uses. Here are 5 of the best clippers for the bald head in 2018:

1. Remington HC4250 Pro Hair Clippers

Remington HC4250 ProRemington is a well-respected brand name in the hair clipping business with a long, illustrious history of producing only the most reliable and innovative products. The Remington HC4250 Pro is by far one of the best balding clippers today. It is a cordless clipper that comes to you in a small, compact body thus making it easy to use and carry around if you are a traveling man. It has a high-performance lithium battery that is rechargeable, an extra-wide curved blade made out of stainless steel and an adjusting comb that has nine different lengths.


  • It is small and compact
  • Cordless and highly portable
  • It has a wide blade that delivers smoother shaves


  • The comb lengths are much shorter than most

If you are looking for a pair of balding clippers that you can literally put in your pocket, then this is the tool for you.

2. Phillips Norelco QC5560/40 Balding Clipper

Phillips Norelco QC556040 Balding ClipperThis is yet another popular pair of DIY balding clippers. It offers you one of the smoothest shaves and comes in a small compact body that allows for an effortless shave each and every time. Additionally, it offers you excellent performance, as you would expect from a well-established brand such as Philips. One of the most outstanding features of this pair of balding clippers is that it has a 180-degree rotating head which is perfect for shaving those hard to get to spots such as behind the ears, your neckline and the back of your head.


  • It has self-sharpening blades
  • It is easy to use
  • Has a 180-degree turning head that makes it perfect for DIY shaving


  • It is corded which makes it rather difficult to maneuver at times

With a 180-degree turning head, this is the perfect pair of balding clippers for DIY shavers.

3. Andis BGR Professional Cordless Clipper

Andis BGR Professional Cordless ClipperThis is by far one of the best cordless clippers for balding in the market today. It has a very strong rotary motor that delivers an amazingly even, smooth and clean shave. Thanks to the rotary power, these clippers make easy work of thick and even tough hair. One of the most outstanding features of the Andis BGR is that it has ceramic blades. Unlike most clippers which have carbon or stainless steel, the ceramic blades on these clippers do not conduct heat very well which means that it does not heat up as much when you are shaving. This is a wonderful advantage for people who do not like the feeling of heat on their bald heads.


  • It delivers a powerful performance using the rotary motor
  • The ceramic blades help to keep the clippers cool when being used
  • It has an attractive design


  • It is rather pricey

This is the perfect pair of balding clippers for people who want a “cool” shave.

4. Andis T-Outliner

Andis T-OutlinerThis shaver uses an electromagnetic motor, coupled with stainless steel blades to deliver a great looking bald cut. The electromagnetic motor provides optimum performance when shaving and the adjustable carbon blades not only gives the clippers a longer shaving time but also allows you to get just the right kind of cut (you can adjust the length).


  • It is long lasting
  • It is easy to use and clean
  • It offers eight different length settings


  • It can heat up rather quickly

This is one of the most powerful balding clippers on this list. It can deliver a wonderfully customized shave depending on your length setting.

5. Oster Classic 76

Oster Classic 76This is one of those vintage styled clippers that brings out your sense of style for all to see. It has a universal motor that allows you to easily shave all types of hair including the really tough ones. Additionally, it comes with heavy-duty blades that come in two size options and are detachable. The 000 size gives you a really close shave. It is quite durable and features a break-resistant casing.


  • It is a great looking pair of clippers
  • The detachable blades are perfect for choosing your desired cut
  • It comes with some wonderful accessories such as cleaning brush, lubricating oil and blade guard


  • It is rather expensive
  • The blades are rather pointy and can cause injury if you are not a careful shaver

If you are looking for a great looking pair of balding clippers that still delivers the closest shave you have ever had, then the Oster Classic 76 is perfect for you.

The best thing about owning your own clippers is that you do not have to worry about contracting scalp related conditions from sharing clippers with other people. Plus, you get to decide when you shave and which style you use.