Dapoxetine: How This Drug Can Help with Premature Ejaculation

In similar fashion to a woman, life as a male can be stressful at times. Especially if you have a job where you are heavily relied on, you have a wife and kids at home or carry on a lifestyle that involves many activities. But, this is all doable, and if you are lucky, you can manage this stress with good time-management skills. But then you have this thing called premature ejaculation, or PE for short.

The sad reality is, this condition can send you into a dark place and really put a damper on your sex life. It creates a feeling of anxiety, which can, in turn, make the condition even worse. But, it’s still not life-threatening. And there are far worse things that can go wrong with your body.

If you do happen to suffer from PE, just know that it is treatable, and in the best of cases, reversible. And this is where dapoxetine joins the fray.

What is Dapoxetine?

In the world of medicine, there is a drug for every single ailment known to man, and then some. Name it and there’s a drug for it. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, psoriasis, arthritis, glaucoma and the list goes on and on. Dapoxetine is one more pharmaceutical drug to add to this mix. And there is a very good chance it can help if you are suffering from premature ejaculation.

Dapoxetine is an SSRI Originally Developed to Treat Depression

Depression is a very common condition across the continental United States. In fact, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 40 million adults aged 18 and up are affected by depression every year. Fast forward to dapoxetine and you have a drug used for treating this condition. At least, this is what it was originally designed for.

And to get a little more technical, it is known as an SSRI. This is always abbreviated with an acronym because it’s so long and a bit hard to say. It stands for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. These drugs are designed to lower anxiety and depression by way of increasing serotonin, which is often referred to as the happy hormone.

And here’s one more little piece of trivia for you. Dapoxetine was originally developed in 2003 and has been used for depression ever since. The only problem is, it has not been officially approved for PE by the FDA in the United States as of this time. But that’s not saying it doesn’t work.

It is however available in 60 countries, including Mexico and South Korea. But you should not worry. There is a very good chance it will finally be approved in the US very soon.

How Does Dapoxetine Work to Treat Premature Ejaculation?

A lot of times, premature ejaculation is mental. Actually, most cases are. But a biological problem cannot be ruled out either. In the big picture, PE is classified into two categories. One is called primary premature ejaculation, which means a man has dealt with this issue for his entire adult life being sexually active.

Secondary premature ejaculation, however, involves once having a satisfying sexual experience early on and later developing problems with ejaculation. In both cases, dapoxetine has been shown to come to the aid of men looking for at least a marginal solution.

Dapoxetine Was Found to Have a Positive Effect for Men with PE

It’s probably safe to say that PE doesn’t get as much hype as ED. But, according to the Mayo Clinic, as many as 1 in 3 men will have dealt with it at some point in their lives. The goods news is that dapoxetine was found to be a good option for treating this condition.

But be aware, it has not been known to completely cure PE. There’s still a bit of mileage ahead before an absolute cure is created. It’s more like it has been shown to have a positive effect on PE, which means it can extend the time of intercourse before ejaculating. And on the average, you’re talking about a couple minutes or less. But that’s still better than a few seconds.

It Works by Inhibiting Serotonin Transporters in the Brain

To expand on serotonin, it is produced in the brain to relax the system and put you at ease. You often get a release of serotonin when you eat carbohydrates and turkey. That’s why you get a bug crash after eating a Thanksgiving Day meal. As for dapoxetine, it’s the main function is to inhibit the serotonin receptors in the brain,

This, in turn, shuts down the excitation reflex slightly, that is directly related to sexual arousal. You then are able to postpone ejaculation.

What the Dapoxetine Reviews have to Say

Just like there is no shortage of pharmaceutical drugs on the market, there is also no shortage of reviews for these very same drugs. And as you guessed it, dapoxetine is no exception. On the average, the reviews are positive. But there are some red flags that seem consistent too.

For example, there are a lot of reports that men don’t like to have to “schedule” when they are having sex. The recommendation is to take a pill 1 to 3 hours before having sex, which can make things a bit inconvenient and arduous if spontaneity is more your thing.

Plus, it seems like, across the boards, no two men have the exact same results. For some, they are able to last 7 minutes or more. While others claim they are able to get an extra 3 or 4 minutes. This makes it sound like there is no one-size-fits-all result that you should expect.

Additionally, some men have experienced the exact same results from the 30-mg and 60-mg dose. This is good information to have. In case you try to go to the higher dose and it does not make a difference, there is no sense paying extra for it.

The bottom line is, everyone reacts differently to all forms of drugs and supplements. You are best served taking bits of information from reviews you read with a grain of salt and just use yourself as your own test. If you get great results with no negative effects, then you might as well stick with it.

If it’s not working or you are not feeling good in other areas of your body, then save your money and spare yourself the unneeded discomfort.

Does Dapoxetine Really Work?

It’s already been proven that dapoxetine works for anxiety and depression. And to answer the question about PE, that would be a yes too. But again, just like anything else, results will vary. Plus, you have to take it as directed to truly know if it’s the right fit for you.

Can Dapoxetine Help With Erectile Dysfunction Too? 

In a perfect world, there would be a pill that knocks out both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in one fell sweep. But the sad reality is, that pill has not been invented yet. This obviously means that dapoxetine does not help with erectile dysfunction or low libido for that matter.

The irony is if you have PE issues and low libido, there really is no point in taking dapoxetine. It’s almost like you need to get your interest level back in sex first. So in essence, you’d be treating one condition at a time.

Using Viagra With Dapoxetine

You know it as Viagra. But the scientific name for this ED formulation is called sildenafil. In case you were unaware, Viagra is one of the most popular ED drugs in the marketplace. It generally takes a couple hours to kick in and can stay in the body for several hours.

As mentioned above, dapoxetine has no effect on ED, so it all of a sudden makes sense to take both at the same time to treat each condition. But then the question of whether each one will interact with each other comes up. Well, this theory has been put to the test and it turns out that there is no interaction between the two of them.

Just be cautioned that you are now taking two pharmaceutical drugs at close proximity to each other, which can possibly cause more of a reaction with side effects.

Is it Safe to Take Dapoxetine?

The short answer to this question is, yes. But it’s also a trick question. Brussels sprouts are safe to eat for most of the population. And they’re very healthy too. However, this is definitely not the case for everyone. A person who doesn’t know that they are deathly allergic to Brussels sprouts can take one bite and go into anaphylactic shock.

Well, the same risk is always apparent with drugs and even supplements. Just because something is otherwise known as safe, it can still have an effect on you. Take this into consideration before you start taking dapoxetine.

Is Dapoxetine Approved by the FDA?

This is where the catch-22 comes to the surface. As mentioned earlier, dapoxetine has not yet been approved by the FDA for the treatment of premature ejaculation. There are mixed feelings whether this will ever change, but it’s probably a better than average chance that it will.

The idea behind why it hasn’t gotten approved yet is because SSRIs are notorious for causing side effects to linger on for an extended period of time. This is sort of a paradox, given the fact that a lot of other FDA-approved drugs cause so many side effects as well. But for right now, this is the situation.

The Dapoxetine Side Effects

To be more specific on the side effects of dapoxetine, they include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, headache, diarrhea, and insomnia, to name a few. But here’s where it gets a little more involved. Certain men have claimed to feel side effects shortly after taking the pill that is a little less severe, such as feeling lightheaded and “out of it” so to speak.

But the good news is, this drug has a short lifespan inside your system, so the side effects shouldn’t be debilitating. It’s some of the other SSRIs that are taken on a daily basis for depression and anxiety that can reek the most havoc.

How to Buy Dapoxetine

You actually have to dig a little deeper to get your hands on dapoxetine. Since it is not approved by the FDA, you need to do a little searching online for it. What you’ll likely find are online pharmacies that have it available. These will likely be from other countries too. Ones where the drug is actually approved for sale.

That’s all fine and dandy, but be very sure that what you are getting is the real stuff. There are scam artists out there who will fake-dose pills and supplements to make you think you’re getting what you ordered, but it won’t even be close. The last thing you want to do is fork out some bigtime dollars for a product that is ineffective or even dangerous.

Dapoxetine is Available By Prescription Only


In the big picture, you are better off getting a prescription from your doctor when it comes to dapoxetine. That way you know for a fact that what you are getting is the real deal. Of course, this will involve making an appointment and possibly get some further tests done.

But if it means you can extend the time that you arrive upon ejaculation, then it’s worth it. Not only for you but for your partner as well, who will surely be satisfied.

Priligy and Westoxetin Are Popular Dapoxetine Brands

Just for the record, dapoxetine is not sold as dapoxetine. There are actually a handful of off-label brands out there. Two of the most popular are Priligy and Westoxetin. Most likely, your doctor will be prescribing one of these to you, just so you’re not surprised when it happens.

Putting the Pieces Together

If you are OK with the possible side effects of dapoxetine, then it’s worth a shot to try it out. And remember, these side effects vary from one person to another. But any way you slice it, PE can be treated with other means too, like psychotherapy. There is nothing wrong with creating a multi-pronged approach to see what you can do to reverse or at least reduce the severity of your condition.