Hair Restoration Shampoo: 5 Best Shampoos for Hair Growth in 2018

Losing hair is an anxiety-inducing event for most people. Unfortunately, there are as many solutions to hair loss as there are reasons for losing your hair. In other words, there are a lot of options. Lots of options means that many of them will not even work. In fact, most shampoos do not work due to a lack of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation in the industry.

We have compiled a list of the five best shampoos for hair growth that reallydo work. The different products on this list all use ingredients that will regrow hair and have been tested.

Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

This is an anti-dandruff shampoo that will keep your scalp free of those annoying white flakes and stimulate hair growth. It’s the best anti-dandruff shampoo on the market, but that is not why it makes the list.

The proven hair growth associated with Nizarol is why it makes the top of the list. Nizoral’s active ingredient is ketoconazole, which is an antifungal used to treat a wide range of different skin conditions. Ketoconazole also reduces the inflammation in hair follicles. This inflammation can cause hair to stop growing from the follicles.

When you take Nizoral, you may notice hair growing in places on your head that it has not previously grown. The hair that you already have may grow back thicker and fuller.

The Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff shampoo listed here only contains 1% ketoconazole. However, a 2% version is available in the United States with a prescription. The European Union (EU) does not have these regulations,and the 2% version is available over-the-counter.

The best part about Nizoral is that it solves a few different problems at the same time. Among those problems are dandruff, which may cause baldness. More evidence is needed though. However, everyone wants to eliminate dandruff.

The next benefit is that Nizoral cleans the scalp. Remember, Nizoral is still a shampoo and has all the properties you would expect of a shampoo.

Most importantly, it can reduce hair loss and even stimulate hair growth.

One word of caution, the ketoconazole can cause a rash if you have sensitive skin. Experts suggest keeping it in your hair for under five minutes.

Lipogaine Hair Stimulating Big 5 All Natural Shampoo

Lipogaine Hair Stimulating Big 5 All Natural Shampoo


Lipogaine’s Hair Stimulation All Natural Shampoo has it all. The Big 5 referenced in the name refers to the five primary ingredients that are great for fighting hair loss.

Those five ingredients are:

  • Biotin
  • Caffeine
  • Argon oil
  • Castor oil
  • Saw Palmetto

Now, it does not include ketoconazole, but the five other ingredients more than make up for the lack of ketoconazole. Castor oil is an anti-fungal, which makes it very similar to ketoconazole.

It has other ingredients that provide general hair health that do not necessarily prevent hair loss. Those secondary ingredients include coconut oil, jojoba oil, cedarwood oil, and a whole host of other ingredients.

The large list of ingredients makes this a great choice. It will certainly save you money by purchasing one bottle of Lipogaine instead of purchasing each individualingredient. Plus, it will save you time when using it. You only have to use one shampoo.

Regenepure – DR Shampoo

Regenepure - DR Shampoo


This is one of the lesser known brands in the hair loss prevention industry. However, Regenpure is still an effective shampoo at a great price.

This shampoo contains a large number of different oils and nutrients that will help your hair grow back. Some of these ingredients will also make your hair look healthier as well.These ingredients include Emu oil, zinc oxide, Vitamin B6, and Jojoba seed oil.

The best part about this shampoo is that it is safe for your hair. Most of the shampoos used to treat hair loss can only be used once or twice per week. You can use Regenpure everyday if you want. However, it is generally not recommended to shampoo your hair every day.

The other nice part about Regenpure is that your hair looks better after using it. It looks so good that you can use this as a shampoo replacement.

Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Hair Loss Shampoo

Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Hair Loss Shampoo


Some of you prefer 100% natural ingredients, which makes Art Naturals the perfect hair loss prevention shampoo. This shampoo is made up of entirely natural ingredients and uses argan oil as the primary ingredient.

Now, argan oil does not actually prevent hair loss. However, it is an excellent ingredient for your hair and can even help undo a lot of the negative side effects from using a normal shampoo. The biotin, caffeine, and saw palmetto does help your hair grow back.

Anyway, the natural part of this shampoo is what really it sets it apart. It is hypoallergenic and contains no irritants. It also works great for any hair type. The natural ingredients also help restore the health of your hair and can even adjust the pH level in your hair.

Unfortunately, it does not contain ketoconazole. However, it still works at growing hair back thanks to the other hair growth ingredients found in the shampoo.

Aprilis Caffeine Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Aprilis Caffeine Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo



Aprilis Caffeine Anti-Hair loss shampoo is the final product on our list. The primary ingredient in this shampoo is caffeine, which has been shown to stimulate hair growth.

Other ingredients include argan oil, milk protein, jojoba seed oil, and sea salt. These ingredients do not stimulate hair growth, but they will make your hair healthier. The lack of harmful ingredients also makes this effective for all hair types including colored hair. It can even be used every day of the week.

Similar to Art Naturals, this can be used to undo the damage caused by shampoo. Additionally, this shampoo has a pleasant rose scent, which leaves your hair smelling great.

All in all, this makes a great hair loss shampoo. It does not contain ketoconazole, but the other ingredients more than make up for the lack of ketoconazole.

Final Verdict

The best choice on this list is Nizoral since it contains ketoconazole, which probably has the most hair growth properties. However, the other options work well for regrowing hair without the damaging effects of ketoconazole.

Using Nizoral one day of the week and then a shampoo that does not contain ketoconazole is probably the best course of action.