High T: A supplement aimed at battling low testosterone

There are a wide variety of supplements on the market today aimed at improving men’s health that is promoted as being testosterone boosters for older men and for younger men who are battling low testosterone. Suffering from low testosterone is a common issue due to the natural decrease in testosterone production while aging and in combination with possible health conditions that may contribute to lower testosterone levels. That has led to much research to attempt to find the most effective ingredients when increasing testosterone. One of the most utilized testosterone boosting supplement is High T.

What is High T?

High T testosterone booster is promoted as a testosterone boosting supplement that targets the natural decrease in testosterone production to assist with increasing testosterone levels, increasing sex drive, and energy among other benefits. It is targeted at men who are having issues with sex drive and overall sexual function and it can also assist with completing workouts.

It is one of many self-claimed testosterone boosting supplements that focus on utilizing ingredients that have been shown to naturally increase testosterone when consumed. High T takes known and/or perceived natural testosterone boosters to attempt to create the best formula for maximum results.

Where to buy High T?

Since High T is a commonly known testosterone boosting supplement, it is readily available in physical and online retailers. High T can be purchased at retail stores such as GNC, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. It can also be found online through websites such as amazon.com or drugstore.com.

High T: Generic and alternatives

High T

Since testosterone deficiency is a common issue for men today, naturally there are many products available to boost testosterone in addition to High T. The same company that manufactures High T produces a similar product called High T Black.

When comparing the two, High T Black has the same ingredients as High T, but it has other added ingredients as well. Other known testosterone boosting supplements include ProTest, Alpha T, Burn HD, TestoTEK, Prime Male, and TestoFuel. The previously mentioned testosterone boosters are just a handful of the many products available that are similar in nature to High T.

High T ingredients

The ingredients in High T are not an expansive list, but the supplement does contain ingredients that are known as testosterone boosters. Many of the ingredients in High T are herbs that have been used in medicine for years to treat numerous conditions before they were thought to treat testosterone deficiency. Some of the ingredients have undergone successful clinical trials to be proven as testosterone boosters, whereas others require additional research before that claim can be made.

Cellulose is a common part of the everyday diet which can be found in plant foods. It is important for digestive health since consuming cellulose increases fiber in the diet. Since cellulose cannot be broken down in the digestive tract, it helps food move through the intestines. It is common to see many people lacking the proper amount of fiber in their diet so containing cellulose can benefit High T users who are lacking fiber in their diet.

Gelatin is made from numerous parts from animals and it has numerous health benefits in the body. It is important to human health in regards to forming strong connective tissue and digestive health. Gelatin is able to provide the body with an important amino acid called glycine. Glycine can positively benefit several body systems including the digestive system, cardiovascular system, and the musculoskeletal system by improving joint health.

Testofen is a product developed to combat declines in testosterone production in men. It is developed directly from fenugreek which is an herb known to increase testosterone. Testofen is a commonly used ingredient in many testosterone boosting supplements, including High T, due to positive results seen in clinical tests. There are numerous known benefits of testofen including increased sex drive, increased energy levels, and increased muscle growth. One testofen study conducted in Australia in 2009 found that a formula primarily using testofen increased sexual function in one group of its participants.

Fenugreek Extract

High T
Fenugreek is a natural testosterone booster with numerous health benefits. Fenugreek is an herb that has been used in medicines to treat many health conditions including inflammation, digestive issues, and heart conditions. Through its widespread use, fenugreek was discovered to assist men with their sex drive. Once this health benefit was discovered, this led to fenugreek extract’s wide use as an ingredient in testosterone boosting supplements. Testofen is actually a patent derived from fenugreek extract. Studies have shown that men who take a supplement of fenugreek extract show improvements in overall sexual performance.

Tribulus Terrestris
Tribulus Terrestris is another herb used in High T that has been used to treat numerous health conditions. The plant is promoted as being able to increase testosterone, treat erectile dysfunction, increase sexual performance, and boost athletic performance. However, studies on Tribulus Terrestris have provided mixed results. One group of researchers reviewed studies focused on men and women undergoing sexual problems and could not find any evidence of increased testosterone. On the other hand, some studies have shown that the supplement may increase sex drive in both men and women. It is clear that more research is required on Tribulus Terrestris before being marketed as a testosterone booster.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract
The Rhodiola Rosea plant is used commonly to allow its users to adapt to a variety of stressors the body could face. When it comes to being an ingredient in High T, the extract is used primarily to improve sexual function. Since Rhodiola Rosea extract is beneficial at fighting stress, it could have a positive effect on testosterone levels with stress being known to limit testosterone. It is also used to treat other health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and the flu.

Unfortunately, the numerous health conditions Rhodiola Rosea extract is believed to positively affect, including low testosterone, have not been proven by studies on humans. Even though there are numerous benefits associated with Rhodiola Rosea extract, its role as a testosterone booster has to be investigated and researched further.

A-AKG is used in a different manner than boosting testosterone directly. A-AKG is used primarily as a way to increase nitric oxide in order to increase muscle. It is believed that this ingredient in High T can help an individual absorb the other herbs used in its formula. A-AKG is commonly used to increase athletic performance with benefits including increased longevity of workouts and increased muscle mass.

Eurycoma Longfolia Extract

High T
Eurycoma longfolia extract is yet another plant that is promoted as improving sexual function. Eurycoma longfolia extract, also known as Tongkat Ali, is found in Malaysia and Indonesia. The plant is commonly used for a variety of sexual dysfunctions including sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and infertility. Although the plant is used for the aforementioned sexual dysfunctions, it is unclear if that is what the plant is truly meant for. It is widely known that testosterone can increase athletic performance.

Some supplements can boost testosterone which leads to an increase in athletic performance, whereas some simply assist with athletic performance. It appears that Eurycoma longfolia extract assists more so with the latter as there are no studies that confirm Eurycoma longfolia extract as a testosterone booster in healthy males. However, the evidence does show that it has capabilities of improving testosterone levels in those with health conditions that lower testosterone. One study showed an increase in testosterone levels in men with hypogonadism.

On the other hand, other studies have shown improvements in sexual functions such as sperm quality and semen quantity which can be linked to lack of testosterone. Due to conflicting evidence, it appears that more concise research is needed to determine if Eurycoma longfolia extract can be relied upon as solely a testosterone booster.

Claimed benefits of High T

High T is claimed to improve many conditions commonly seen with low testosterone levels. One of the most noticeable symptoms of low testosterone is decreased sex drive and that is the primary reason many individuals seek out High T. Improving sex drive is, therefore, a primary claimed benefit of High T. Other self-claimed benefits of High T include an increase in energy levels and improved strength. Some of the ingredients within High T are known natural testosterone boosters. In addition, another benefit is the inclusion of A-AKG which can help to absorb the other claimed testosterone boosting ingredients by increasing nitric oxide.

Is High T safe?

In general, High T is a safe supplement to use although it does come with potential side effects like most supplements. It is always wise to consult with a doctor before using High T, especially when one has a health condition that could be exasperated by its use. Additionally, any individual taking any medications should discuss with their doctor about High T before beginning to take it.

High T side effects

Some of the testosterone boosters found within High T do have some potential side effects to be aware of. For example, fenugreek can cause stomach issues for some users such as diarrhea when taken in larger amounts. Another potential side effect of fenugreek is that it can be a blood thinner and can be dangerous for individuals who have bleeding disorders or are taking certain medications. A-AKG is another ingredient in High T that is a known blood thinner.

A couple of side effects that can be associated with Rhodiola Rosea include dizziness and dry mouth, although these side effects are not common. As is the case with many supplements that attempt to increase testosterone, users of High T should be cautious to not cause an imbalance of hormones while taking it.

High T review

There are numerous testosterone boosters on the market available today and the majority of accounts indicate that High T is NOT among one of the better testosterone boosting supplements out there. Even though some of the ingredients included in High T are proven or claimed natural testosterone boosters, there are several setbacks with the supplement itself.

One of the most common complaints of High T is the blend and the dosage amount of the supplement itself. For starters, it is stated that the mixture within High T is a proprietary blend which has earned it much negative feedback. This means that the consumer does not know how much of each ingredient is in the overall supplement. For example, a consumer may need a specific amount of fenugreek extract and a specific amount of Tribulus Terrestris, but they will be unable to determine on the label how much of each they will be consuming.

A more concise nutrition label will help consumers be more aware if they are at risk for any possible side effects from any of the individual ingredients. Furthermore, the overall dosage of the entire supplement is suspect according to some accounts. Some reviews state the dosage amount of 900mg found within High T is much too low to see any significant results.

User reviews of High T seem to be mixed at best with some individuals seeing progress and others seeing no change. Even though all the ingredients in High T are natural, it does not appear that all the ingredients have gone through clinical trials. This will naturally leave some consumers weary when looking to purchase High T. Consumers looking to purchase High T must be aware as well that High T could potentially take two to three months before any results are noticed so that must be taken into consideration.

Finding the right supplement


High T’s blend of natural ingredients may work for some of its users and it may make some users asking for their money back. It will all depend on the individual person taking the supplement. There is no way for sure of knowing how effective High T will be for everyone since it is not stated exactly how much of each ingredient is in its blend.

In addition, there could be some users who simply may need a stronger dosage due to particular testosterone needs and any other health conditions they may be battling. Even though High T is not the highest reviewed testosterone booster on the market, it is readily available in retail stores and online.