How to Get Harder Erections: 10 Scientific Tips to Help You Get Harder & Better Erections

Looking for a way to get a harder erection? Whether it’s because you’ve been experiencing some sexual problems—or even forms of erectile dysfunction (ED)—or you are just always looking for ways to improve your erections, there are simple steps you can take.

Sometimes, getting a hard erection is easier said than done—and you’re not alone. Men, both young and old, can experience difficulties with getting erections. In fact, a study was recently done that stated that almost every man would face this difficulty at least once in their life. It’s very common, after all. It could be caused by low testosterone levels, damaged blood vessels, high blood pressure, or even psychological. However, weak erections could be caused by something simple and could be overcome very easily.

However, there are ways to make it less common for you. With these ten steps, you will be able to get maintain a harder erectionand enjoy sexual intercourse normally.

Stop Smoking

Obviously, smoking is not good for anyone. It’s unhealthy and can negatively affect your overall health very quickly. If you’ve been looking for a reason to stop, finding out that smoking can negatively impact your erectile function and sex life. The fact that smoking can give you a weak erection or make you fully impotent might be the reason to stop!

Many studies have been carried out, found that men who do smoke, have, on average, less sex than men who don’t smoke, partly due to the fact that many will suffer from erectile problems. And, men who smoke have rated their sexual activity as average or less than average. Smoking cigarettes can also bring about forms of erectile dysfunction, primarily as it can stop the blood flow to your penis.

A recent study by the University of Kentucky also found that smoking affected both erection size and strength. Overall, smoking is very bad for you and best to be eliminated completely from your lifestyle, especially if you’ve been experiencing any issues in the bedroom.

Start Walking

Leading a sedentary lifestyle is another key reason why some men may be experiencing erectile dysfunction. And while it’s important to work out (we’ll talk about that later) even just walking is a great alternative to taking a taxi, the bus, or driving home. If you work close to your house in the city, walk to work instead! Alternatively, just go on walks every day before or after work to help lead an active lifestyle.

You don’t have to walk far, either. Researchers have found that men who walk only two miles a day have more successful active sex lives than those who don’t. So, start walking on that treadmill or going on morning walks. It’ll help with your overall erection.

Be Careful When Thrusting

The last thing you want to do is rupture your Corporacavernosa. While you may think this is rare, almost more than one-third of men who have problems with erections have a history of past ruptures or tears. Therefore, to keep your erections hard for years to come, be careful when thrusting. You really don’t want to end up with complications.

Work Out

While walking is very important—and leading a sedentary lifestyle is very bad for our sex lives—working out and exercising regularly is key to really upping your game. Researchers have found that cardio, more than anything, helps with getting a harder and better erection. Just leading a healthier and more active lifestyle, though, helps.

However, there is one thing you really shouldn’t do: ride a bike. While every once in a while, this is fine, regular cycling for hours on end (researchers suggest about three hours a day) can actually lead to impotence. So, just steer clear of biking if you suffer from erectile dysfunction!

Drink Coffee

Surprisingly, coffee actually seems to be connected to hard erections

Surprisingly, coffee actually seems to be connected to hard erections. Studies linked the fact that men who drink two to three cups of coffee a day have had more active sex lives than men who don’t drink coffee at all. So, if you’re quitting smoking cigarettes for your sex life, try drinking coffee instead.

Get Rid of Your Gut

Being as healthy as possible is the best way to get a harder and better erection—and improve your sex life all around. Getting rid of your gut is yet another way to go about this.

Studies have shown that men who are considered overweight—especially those who suffer from diabetes—experience erectile dysfunction almost 50% more than men who are healthy and who don’t have diabetes.


Getting a good night’s sleep does more than just help with your overall health—it also helps with your erections. Men who don’t get a good night’s rest as often than those who do, tend to have a harder time getting an erection. This is because sleep actually helps with the overall blood flow around your body and to your penis, which, in turn, can result in a harder erection when required.

Stay Faithful

Psychology has a lot to do with getting hard erections. In fact, doctors very often ask men if they’re having an affair when they learn of potential erectile dysfunction. If you’re having—or have had—an affair and cheated on your significant other, anxiety and guilt could become a mental blockas to why you aren’t getting the erection that you used to.


Is this option a bit ridiculous? Yes, it sounds it, but science tells us that it makes sense.Basically, nitric oxide controls both the yawn and the erection, which can lead the body to think both things as the same. Obviously, this doesn’t mean you should yawn continuously during sex. However, if you have plans later in the night, try and yawn a little more often during the day. This could help your overall body toachieve a hard erection when needed.

Get a Vasectomy

Okay, now this one is obviously an extreme option, but there are research and studies behind it, so we couldn’t ignore it. And,you never know, this might be right up your alley!

Obviously, this option is ideal for men who have already had kids and aren’t looking for more, or for men who don’t want children to begin with. Believe it or not, but the only real reason why getting a vasectomy may increase your chances of better and harder erections has to do with psychology. A lot of men experience a mental block in sexual situations and can’t perform if they are anxious from past pregnancy scares or contraceptive failures.

If you aren’t worried about this, we highly recommend not getting a vasectomy. However, if you’re down with not having kids (or are done having them), and this has been a major worry for you, getting a vasectomy is the safest and easiest way to go.

There are many ways to achieve a harder and longer erection. These tips are the safe and easy way to go about improving your sex life!