Long-Lasting Erection: How to Improve Blood Flow for Long-Lasting Erections

If you’ve been experiencing problems during sex, or a form of erectile dysfunction, and have been having trouble keeping your erection long periods, there are ways to improve this situation. This situation, in fact, is quite common for men of all walks of life. One of the key ways to achieve long-lasting erections is to help improve the blood flow to your penis.

Often, if a man is experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) or problems during sex, this could be a health issue such as high blood pressure, low testosterone levels, or poor blood circulation through damaged blood vessels. Erection problems could be as simple as the fact that there isn’t a regulated blood flow to their penis. While many men find comfort in erectile dysfunction medications such as Viagra, these drugs actually don’t do much to help blood flow in the long run.

The goal is to find ways to naturally without treatment and efficiently help to increase blood flow and improve sexual stimulation so that you can experience long-lasting erections once again. With the steps highlighted in this article, you can find a way to naturally improve your sex life—without taking Viagra or any other erectile dysfunction drugs if you don’t want to.

Eat Healthy Food

One main step to increase your overall health and help with improving blood flow to overcome your erection problems has to do with the food you eat. You’ve probably heard this before: if you eat healthier, you’ll feel better and have many health benefits. We all know this but eating healthier is definitely easier said than done.

However, eating healthy foods—such as vegetables, fruit, and poultry—can greatly increase your overall health, which, in turn, helps improve your blood flow. While you don’t have to eat a salad for each meal for the rest of your life, at least try to eat as naturally as possible.

Try and stay away from processed food as much as possible. Processed foods are the number one reason why most people feel unhealthy, as these foods really are not great for your body. With that said, just try to keep your diet as natural as possible.

Of course, this won’t bring about immediateresults like erectile dysfunction medication will. You will have to eat healthy, natural foods for a few weeks at last before you notice a change in sexual performance. However, changing your lifestyle in this positive way is well worth the wait.

Steer Clear of Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol excessively andsmoking regularly are also linked to sexual performance issues. These are also not great habits to have for a healthy body, which ties into keeping a healthy lifestyle (which we touched on above when discussing eating healthy food).

Smoking is actually really bad and, if you’ve been experiencing some form of erectile dysfunction, smoking cigarettes can actually slow the blood flow throughout your body, which could be the very cause of your problem. As the correct blood flow to your penis is needed to obtain a long-lasting erection, eliminating smoking cigarettes entirely from your lifestyle completely may be best for you.

Alcohol is also best onlyenjoyed occasionally. Alcohol can actually numb you from being able to gain an erection. Therefore, eliminating alcohol from your diet (or at least avoiding binge drinking) is best.

Exercise Regularly

exercising regularly can really benefit your sex life

As you may have realized at this point in this list, keeping a healthy lifestyle is key for long-lasting erections. Therefore, exercising regularly can really benefit your sex life.

Many studies have been carried outwhich show that men who are at least fairly active and exercise often are less likely to have erectile dysfunction or sexual performance issues. This means that the more active and healthy you are, the more likely you will be able to obtain a long-lasting erection.

Exercising also helps your overall health. As we’ve mentioned before, having a healthy body directly can help lead to improving the overall blood flow in your body, which is key to having long-lasting erections.

Manage Medications

Sometimes, medication can be the reason why you aren’t able to fully perform in the bedroom. If you are prescribed medication for a health issue, check out the common side effects that may come with it. You might be surprised but there are actually a lot of medications that have erectile dysfunction as a side effect.

One of the most common medications that can cause ED are anti-depressants. This is actually a really common issue that many men face when they are on anti-depressants. Obviously, this isn’t ideal and can even hamper any social disorders or issues that one already has if they are experiencing ED.

However, before coming off any medication because you feel like it isn’t working for you and your lifestyle, you should always go to talk to your doctor. This might not actually be the reason at all and your doctor can help pinpoint just what is causing you to have sexual issues. It’s always important to get advice from an expert who is familiar with your specific medical history.


If you’re having trouble keeping a long-lasting erection, it may be because you aren’t able to focus on sexually arousing thoughts for long enough. Your mind and how you think helps activate the blood flow throughout your body and could be putting up a mental block when you are trying to be intimate.

This is actually a very common problem. Psychological issues are one of the main reasons why men experience erectile dysfunction, especially in younger men. To fix this, try to only think of sexually arousing thoughts and attempt to not become distracted.

Obviously, this is easier said than done and may take some professional advice to eventually put right. Every man is different and you should always find a comfortable solution to help overcome these psychological roadblocks.

As you can see, there are some steps that you can take to help improve your blood flow, which, in turn, can help you obtain long-lasting erections. However, these methods may not work on every single person. It’s important to find out what works for you, as it may be different from the next man. Hopefully, these suggestions help stimulate your sexual appetite so that you don’t need to take Viagra or similar over-the-counter medication.