The Powerful Benefits of Inositol Powder

If you are a movie buff, have you ever wondered what all those actors are sniffing in films when they are portraying the character to be snorting cocaine? Many years ago, it could have been just about anything like baking soda, powdered sugar, or even candy.

However, now they mostly stick with inositol powder, and for good reason. It can actually be quite healthy for you. But something to keep in mind, snorting anything is not doing any favors for your nasal passages. In fact, it could be greatly damaging them regardless of what it is that you are sniffing up.

What is Inositol Powder?

People like to call inositol a pseudovitamin, meaning that it does not quite meet the required specific definition of a vitamin for humans. It can be found naturally in plants, animals, and fruit like oranges and cantaloupe. If you are interested in the science behind it, it is more formally named as myo-inositol. It has a chemical structure very similar to glucose, a simple sugar. It is a carbohydrate and even tastes like sugar, but less sweet. It is often used in dietary supplements where it is referred to most commonly as myo-inositol.

Possible Inositol Powder Benefits

Inositol is commonly used as a way to keep fat from collecting in the body, most specifically the lives. It is popular in energy drinks and diet supplements because it can convert nutrients into energy. But there are other benefits that have been attributed to it as well. A few might be surprising to the general person. However, many have attributed certain unexpected advantages to taking inositol powder.

What is Inositol Powder Used For?

Now that we have your interest, let’s specify exact advantages to taking inositol powder. These inositol attributes have been mentioned in several studies and reviews. There might be merit for you taking it in the near future.


Who doesn’t love a good night of sleep? If we spend most of the night tossing and turning, it can ruin the upcoming day and make us less desirable to be around because of the crankiness that goes along with being tired. And why do we toss and turn for hours as we pound our pillow with rage? Because our brain just can’t quit. We keep thinking about every little thing and cannot turn it all off long enough to catch some sleep.

The good news is that inositol powder could help with your restlessness. It can raise serotonin levels to promote calmness. Plus, it helps with communication of the GABA receptors in the brain. All of this reduces anxiety and allows you to get some much-needed rest. Having a sleep machine produce background noise to cloud your mind couldn’t hurt either.

Anxiety and Other Mood Disorders

Inositol Powder

As we mentioned above, inositol powder seems to help very well with anxiety. In fact, it has been reported to be one of the best drugs to treat excessive anxiety and it shows to have very little side effects. Doctors are often quick to write prescriptions for mood-altering drugs that have a number of serious side effects.

By giving inositol powder a chance, you can perhaps save a visit to the doctor since it can be purchased over the counter. Once again, it works by increasing serotonin levels and this will produce a calmness that will help you escape the feeling of anxiety.

In addition, it may also help with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic attacks, and depression. Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand, so this is not too surprising. Again, inositol powder regulates the serotonin levels, and this is what stimulates the mind-altering effect.

Hair Growth

For all of those with shiny domes out there, we have all heard supposed chemicals, drugs, or lasers that have been advertised as having the ability to grow hair. It’s like we should all have “sucker” written on our foreheads since we immediately buy anything that offers relief from balding. Keep that in mind when people mention that inositol powder may be able to help with hair growth and hair loss.

However, this is only the case if your hair loss is caused by a low level of inositol in your body. Perhaps your diet does not have enough of inositol in it or you drink either too much alcohol, coffee, and tea. Caffeine may lower inositol levels enough so that loss of hair happens for the individual.

If you think your hair growth is due to low inositol levels, changing your diet or supplementing with one of the many inositol products available could help. Just don’t expect a miracle and start planning to join a 1980s hair-band anytime soon.

Weight Loss

With almost half the population being either clinically obese or simply overweight, people will throw their money at anything that offers weight loss. How many of you are guilty of running out and buying something ridiculous like a shake weight or the latest dancing aerobics DVD in an effort to lose a few pounds? Just keep in mind that the easiest way to lose weight is with a proper diet and an exercise routine. Still, a little supplementation can’t hurt.

Inositol has shown benefits in some studies for weight loss. It is said to assist in emulsifying fats and making them easier for the body to get rid of. It can also synthesize glucose to speed up the metabolic process. In addition, it has been reported by some that it prevents the build-up of fatty acids in the heart, liver, and other vital organs.

Remember that if you are still eating too many calories daily, not even a genie coming out of a magic lamp will make you skinny. Willpower can achieve much more than tantalizing powders.

Blood Circulation

There have been various studies reporting that inositol supports a healthy circulatory system. It acts as a signal for your body to take more glucose from the blood. The majority of those carbs that you eat get broken down into glucose. Glucose is then used for energy by the cells in your body. The combination of everything produces better overall blood circulation in the body. This is especially helpful when trying to get all the nutrients you need throughout the body.


Skin conditions can affect much more than just your appearance, it can cripple you mentally and make you want to stay in bed and out of the public for days at a time. Psoriasis is a puzzling skin condition where the body’s immune system mistakenly tells your cells to create even more skin cells. This results in a piling of skin cells and then the skin appears red, scaly, itchy, and bumpy. It is not a fun condition to have and can appear in random places on the body.

Don’t get your hopes up too much wishing that inositol will clear up your psoriasis for good. It will only be of assistance if your psoriasis is caused by taking lithium. If it is not caused by taking lithium, inositol probably won’t work for you in the treatment of psoriasis.

Other Possible Inositol Powder Benefits

There are a few other notable possible benefits to taking an inositol supplement. One making news is that it might just have positive attributes to it when battling cancer. Put your science cap on and listen closely if you know someone who is currently dealing with cancer. Inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) is also a carbohydrate found naturally in plants and mammals. It has shown a substantial anticancer effect in experimentation. Inositol on its own has demonstrated moderate anticancer activity, too.

However, the combination of IP6 and inositol has produced the best results. Together it reduces cell proliferation and takes malignant cells and changes them back to normal. Their combined properties may also cause tumor cell destruction. The promising combo should be explored further in the everlasting battle against cancer.

Gestational diabetes is another disease that can be helped with inositol. It is a type of diabetes that affects women during their pregnancy. By supplementing with inositol, it has shown to limit the chance of developing gestational diabetes by 60 to 92 percent. This supplement could be of great assistance if you have had trouble with gestational diabetes in the past.

How to Use Inositol Powder

There are a few options for taking inositol powder. Some enjoy it in an easy to take pill capsule that they can have any time during the day with just a drink of water. The convenience behind that cannot be overlooked. However, if you are taking larger doses, you would be taking quite a few capsules and it will get expensive. Inositol powder is usually cheaper when it is not in capsule form.

People tend to enjoy the powder in their protein shakes and smoothies. It is simple to mix in, and if you remember from earlier, it has a tad of a sweet taste to it. You could even sprinkle it on your cereal in the morning if you wanted. It won’t be foul tasting at all, so mixing it in whatever you want should not be a big deal.


The dosage at which you should take inositol powder varies according to what you are trying to treat. A half a gram to two grams can be effective. However, it takes a while to build up in your system, so just taking one dose here and there will not help you get a good night’s rest. You should take it for about a month to see the best results when wanting it to help you get some shut-eye.

For anxiety relief, you may have to take anywhere from 1,000 mg to 18,000 mg a day. Once again, it builds up over time, so don’t expect to take it here and there for specific anxiety-filled situations. Start with a lower dose and work your way up if needed.

In general, even high doses of 30 grams a day has been found safe in various treatments. Taking that much could upset your stomach a bit, but studies have shown people take this amount for three straight months safely.

Inositol Powder Snorting?

Why would you snort anything if taking it orally gives you the same, if not better, results? Our noses are not meant to ingest food, liquids, or chemicals. If you feel like snorting something, inhale some pepper up your nose. This will give you a scared straight program very cheaply and you will never want to snort anything ever again.

Where to Buy Inositol Powder

A quick online search will yield an infinite amount of inositol powder suppliers. Some charge a bit more, some ask for a bit less. In any case, go with a reputable company that has good reviews. Always read the reviews on the supplement before purchasing. You will want to know exactly what others have experienced while taking it.

Inositol Powder Side Effects

As discussed earlier, inositol powder is a naturally occurring substance, so it produces very few side effects. Some have experienced a bit of irritation or rashes, but once the body gets used to it, it usually straightens itself out. Nausea may happen at first, but if it does, take it with food or a smaller dose.

Is Inositol Powder Right For You?

When reading the benefits of all supplements, most seem too good to be true. This is why you need to do a bit of experimenting on your own and document any changes you experience while taking it. Reading the reviews of others is essential as well. If you are ready to see what it can do, be sure to buy from a solid company that has great products. Be certain that it is giving you some results, though, instead of just a placebo effect. The last thing you will want is another supplement you have to take daily when you are not sure it is even working.