Keranique For Men: Ingredients, Side Effects and Alternatives

Hair loss can be inevitable, but at the same time crushing for a countless number of aging men. No man likes the thought of slowly losing his full head of luscious hair, but the reality is hair loss happens to nearly all men for a variety of reasons. The most well-known culprit of hair loss in men is genetics and roughly half of aging men will begin to lose their hair due to family genes. Even though other factors such as stress and diet can play a role in hair loss, genetics is the most common cause of hair loss for men and numerous treatments are targeted to assist men to overcome their genetics.

One product which may not come to mind when thinking of men’s hair loss treatments is Keranique. This specific hair loss formula is primarily targeted towards women’s hair loss, but a closer look at its ingredients may prove otherwise. Could Keranique be as effective for men as the most popular men’s hair loss treatments on the market such as Rogaine? A closer look at Keranique will provide further insight if it is the right hair loss treatment for men on the market.

Using Keranique to Combat Hair Loss

Keranique is a treatment program featuring a shampoo and conditioner formula, a regrowth treatment, and a repair spray which contains known ingredients to combat hair loss. The regrowth treatment uses minoxidil as its primary ingredient which is the same primary ingredient used in the popular men’s hair loss treatment, Rogaine. Minoxidil is used quite often in numerous hair loss treatments for both sexes. Keratin is another key ingredient which can be found in both the shampoo and conditioner portions of the treatment in order to create thicker hair.

Is There a Keranique for Men?

The Keranique treatment is made exclusively for women being marketed as the only clinically proven hair loss treatment for women. However, since it does contain similar ingredients as common men’s hair loss treatments, men suffering from hair loss can use Keranique and possibly see benefits. It is more often a social stigma which can prevent men from using Keranique to treat their hair loss since it is perceived as being only a women’s product. In light of noticing men can benefit from using Keranique as well, the manufacturers created a few products available for men to use.

What are the Active Keranique Ingredients?

The lone active ingredient in Keranique is minoxidil and this is the same active ingredient which can be found in Rogaine. Minoxidil is quite common among the numerous hair loss treatments on the market. Knowing Keranique shares the same active ingredient as Rogaine and other treatment options, it can be quite comparable to other popular hair loss treatments men utilize. The key factor which determined why Keranique is marketed solely to women is the concentration of minoxidil used in its formula.

Even though the FDA approved minoxidil as a hair loss treatment for men and women, women are recommended to stick to a 2 percent minoxidil formula whereas men can use a stronger 5 percent minoxidil formula if they wish. Keranique provides a 2 percent minoxidil formula in its treatment and thus market it as a women’s hair loss treatment.

The Only Active Ingredient in Keranique is Minoxidil

Since minoxidil is the only active ingredient in Keranique, it does not offer much value to the individual who has not seen results with products featuring minoxidil in the past. Some men may want to try Keranique due to the fact the treatment has a conditioner which is not included in other treatments such as Rogaine. However, some men may still be skeptical knowing the only active ingredient in the treatment program is minoxidil depending on how similar hair loss treatments have worked for them in the past.

These are the Components of the Keranique Hair Regrowth System

The Keranique treatment program is broken down into three stages for consumers. The first stage is its shampoo and conditioner formulas which are specifically made for thin hair. The next stage of the treatment program is the regrowth treatment which contains minoxidil. This component is promoted as using the only clinically proven ingredient to help women who are suffering from hair loss. The third and final stage is the repair spray.

Keranique Shampoo & Conditioner

The first component when using Keranique is to utilize the combination of their shampoo and conditioner formulas. The two formulas are advertised as adding thickness, strength, and volume for women who have thin hair.

Keranique Regrowth Treatment

The Keranique treatment program is advertised as including the only ingredient approved by the FDA to treat hair loss for women. Although the FDA has approved two ingredients to treat hair loss, only minoxidil is approved for women. The other ingredient which has been approved, finasteride, has only been approved as a treatment option for men. This is likely why Keranique uses women as their target audience despite the fact minoxidil can be used as a treatment for hair loss for women and men.

Keranique Lift and Repair Treatment Spray

The final stage of the Keranique treatment program is the lift and repair treatment spray which is designed to mend and prevent damage to the hair. The spray is also designed to help its user maintain any hairstyle they desire after its use.

Does Keranique Work to Regrow Men’s Hair?

Even though Keranique is not advertised as a men’s product to treat hair loss, there is speculation of it working effectively on men as well. This is due to the aforementioned fact of minoxidil being the single active ingredient to treat hair loss within Keranique. Minoxidil is the same active ingredient in numerous hair loss treatments on the market which are targeted at men. The only potential difference is the concentration of minoxidil used within each product’s formula.

Keranique Should Work as Well as Other Minoxidil Products for Men

Minoxidil is the same active ingredient used in Rogaine which is the most commonly advertised hair loss treatment for men. Rogaine is extremely popular amongst its users and the vast majority of its users report positive results from using it. Due to the positive results, Rogaine is the most commonly recommended hair loss treatment for men to use. In theory, Keranique should be an effective hair loss treatment for men as well since Keranique uses the same active ingredient which has been successful in Rogaine.

Since the basic Rogaine formula contains 2 percent minoxidil, a man finding success with basic Rogaine will likely see success with Keranique. Other hair loss treatments which use minoxidil as its active ingredient have found similar success. If more men attempted using Keranique as their treatment option, it is plausible they would find similar results to other products containing minoxidil.

Is Keranique Safe?

Even though Keranique’s active ingredient, minoxidil, is approved by the FDA, it does come with potential side effects upon using it. All the side effects which are associated with minoxidil are possible to see with the use of the Keranique treatment program. Users of Keranique are heavily advised to consult their doctor before using it; especially if they have a prior heart condition since minoxidil is a vasodilator.

Minoxidil Was the First Hair Growth Drug Approved by the FDA

Minoxidil is one of two hair loss treatments approved by the FDA and it is the only treatment to be approved for men and women. It comes in a basic formula which can be utilized by men and women, and an extra strength formula which is only recommended for men. Minoxidil is a vasodilator which was originally used as a treatment for high blood pressure but is now used to treat hair loss due to the discovery of its stimulating effect on hair follicles.

What are the Possible Keranique Side Effects?

Since Keranique uses minoxidil as its active ingredient, any potential side effect associated with minoxidil can be a potential side effect when using Keranique.


Reviews of Keranique have indicated some of its users have experienced itchiness of their scalp and other parts of the body. Other complaints have discussed itchy bumps around the scalp and around the face and neck. It is advised for anyone using other medications on the scalp or if their scalp is irritated before using Keranique to refrain from using it.

Unwanted Hair Growth

This is a particular concern due to the active ingredient in Keranique being minoxidil. Its usage can sometimes cause unwanted facial hair growth for either sex. It is important to not let the treatment formula get in the face or anywhere on the body where hair is not wanted. Additionally, a stronger dosage of minoxidil can strengthen the chances of this side effect occurring.

Inflamed Scalp

Similar to itchiness, a common side effect of Keranique can be an irritated or inflamed scalp. It is difficult to determine if obtaining an inflamed scalp from using Keranique is an allergic reaction or simply due to the dosage level of minoxidil. If this side effect occurs, the consumer is urged to notify their doctor.


A side effect to watch out for when using Keranique is swelling of the hands and feet. Due to the body’s adjustment to minoxidil by lowering blood pressure, fluid retention is common when first applying the treatment. However, it is imperative to oversee the swelling in the hands and feet to make sure they return to normal size. Although it is extremely rare and unusual, one user in an online review mentioned swelling in their hands and feet as one of the side effects after going to the hospital upon their application of Keranique.

Chest Pain

Chest pain is one of several potential side effects of Keranique once again due to its usage of minoxidil as its active ingredient. Since minoxidil is a vasodilator, it works to lower the blood pressure within the body. For a person using minoxidil, a large enough decrease in blood pressure will cause them to feel sharp chest pains as their body tries to revert blood pressure levels back to normal.


Another sign of minoxidil causing the body’s blood pressure to drop to dangerously low levels to begin feeling dizziness. An individual taking Keranique or any other hair loss treatment which uses minoxidil can be prone to bouts of dizziness. It is important to pay attention to this side effect when performing physical activity as well as to avoid potentially dangerous complications.


A common side effect which can be present among Keranique users is tiredness. It is not believed this side effect is one, in particular, to worry about it, but should fatigue persist after a long duration of usage, a doctor’s consultation would be recommended.

Unusual Weight Gain

When an individual first begins to take Keranique, it is not unusual for them to gain roughly five to 10 pounds rather quickly. This ties into the earlier side effect of swelling in the body. The weight gain is most commonly caused by fluid retention in the body when initially taking minoxidil.

Rapid Heartbeat

This side effect is closely related to the previously mentioned side effect of experiencing chest pains. With minoxidil being a vasodilator and lowering blood pressure, the body naturally compensates to attempt to restore blood pressure to normal levels. An individual taking Keranique or any hair loss treatment whose active treatment is minoxidil can certainly experience a rapid heartbeat and chest pains simultaneously. If this does occur, it would be wise to stop administering the hair loss treatment and seek medical attention immediately.

What Have Men Said in Their Keranique Reviews?

Online reviews from men about Keranique are few and far between. This is likely due to the fact Keranique is targeted to women and the stigma surrounding men using a women’s product. Below are five reviews found on consumer review sites from reviewers who provided a male first name:





The reviews about Keranique are mixed as positive reviews included feedback such as seeing thicker and healthier hair. Others who did not have a great experience with Keranique shared negative feedback such as hair feeling greasy, not being an effective treatment, or costing too much.

Upon viewing numerous customer testimonials about Keranique, there is a wide range of customers who had a fantastic experience and those who had a terrible experience. Keranique’s effectiveness and overall results will vary from person to person based on their particular needs.

The Final Verdict on Keranique

Keranique may have a couple extra components with its treatment program by including a conditioner and a repair treatment spray, but its core ingredient to stimulate hair growth is the same ingredient seen in numerous common hair loss treatments. Keranique uses a 2 percent formula of minoxidil to follow the recommended dosage to treat women who are looking to stimulate hair growth.

Since minoxidil is the only FDA approved ingredient to treat hair loss in women, Keranique chose to target women as their audience. With further investigation, it appears men potentially have much to gain by using Keranique to combat their own hair loss battle. The main determining factor when deciding if Keranique is a good hair loss treatment to try out for a male is the percentage formula of minoxidil utilized within the treatment.

Keranique uses a 2 percent formula in order to appeal to their targeted audience of women. Men can use up to a 5 percent minoxidil formula which can be found in some male-specific hair loss treatments. When determining which treatment is the right fit for him, a man should seek a consultation from his doctor on the recommended percentage to take.