Levitra Online: The Ins and Outs of Vardenafil

A very wise man once said you don’t know what you don’t know. This simply means it is always in your best interest to get as much information as you can about something before you draw a conclusion. When it comes to erectile dysfunction (ED), that couldn’t be a truer statement!

You are strongly advised to collect as much data as you can, so you can move forward confidently with a solid treatment plan. Enter this popular drug called Levitra. If you are on the fence and thinking about taking it, there is a good amount of information for you to know about. And it all starts with an explanation of this little pill.

What is Levitra?

If you even watch the slightest amount of TV, there is a better than average chance you’ve seen an advertisement for Levitra. It is a front-running pharmaceutical drug used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Speaking of which, this is a very common condition amongst adult men. According to the Cleveland Clinic, one out of every 10 males is said to suffer the effects of ED for an extended period of time. And statistics like this are exactly why Levitra was developed.

And for all of you science nerds out there, the scientific name for Levitra is vardenafil.

To get even more technical, it is classified as a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor, which simply means it helps with impotence. In other words, it enables men to achieve and maintain an erection. However, it does not boost libido.

How To Take Levitra

Just like any other type of pharmaceutical or supplement, there is a right and wrong way to take Levitra. If you are smart and value your body, it is best to follow the instructions to a tee. If you are trying to get more bang for your buck by making up your own rules and popping the pills like their grapes off a vine, then you will suffer the consequences.

Unlike some other ED medications, Levitra can be taken with food or without. You just want to be cautious of meals that are high in fat, as they can slow down its absorption in your body. If you are aiming to have sex within a reasonable amount of time after you eat, just take that into consideration.

The pills come in 5, 10 and 20 mg doses, and your doctor may prescribe any one of these, depending on your current situation. In most cases, the 10-mg dose is prescribed to see what kind of results you get. And then it is increased if necessary. One dose is recommended per day.

How Long Does it Take for Levitra to Work?

When consumed, Levitra takes generally 25 to 60 minutes to go into effect. But it is not uncommon to see it working in as little as 15 minutes. This varies with every individual person. And once it enters the body, its effect can last up to 8 to 10 hours, again, depending on the person.

Be aware that there are factors involved with how it will work for you though. First of all, your body weight plays a key role. Men who are thinner and weigh less will likely not need as high of a dose, yet can experience a faster effect from the drug.
On the other hand, larger men will likely need the heavier leaded dose and it could take longer to kick in.

Another thing that can alter the way it works and time it works is if you have any other pre-existing medical problems or are on other pharmaceutical drugs. Even still, you shouldn’t take it upon yourself to alter the intake. Always consult your doctor and let him be the judge of what approach is best.

How Long Does the Levitra Effect Last?

As mentioned above, you are generally looking at a window of 8 to 10 hours that the effect of Levitra can be recognized. This doesn’t mean you’ll be walking around with an erection that entire time. It just means that it takes that long for the drug to vacate your bloodstream.
And during this entire time, you should be able to partake in sexual activity.

Just know that as you get closer to that 8-to-10-hour mark, the effects will likely be diminishing. So it is best to pre-plan your sexual activity ahead of time. Treat it just like you would a business meeting at work where you had to make preparations ahead of time.

The Levitra Side Effects

You would be hard pressed to find a pharmaceutical drug that doesn’t come with side effects. That’s always the risk you take when going down this road. There some drugs that have a battery of side effects that you hear about for what seems like the entirety of a commercial promoting them.

And in true form, Levitra comes with its own set too. But, they are actually pale in comparison to some cholesterol and high blood pressure medications on the market. But that’s not to say that you shouldn’t keep your eyes peeled for anything weird that occurs when you start taking Levitra. Here are some specific things to watch for.

Common Side Effects

The most common side effects are a stuffy nose, headache, indigestion, dizziness, and flushing. These do not occur in everyone and even when they do, they can vary in severity.

Although they are not really serious or life-threatening, they can be uncomfortable. So just be on the lookout for them so you are not shocked if any should crop up after you take a pill.

Serious Side Effects

Now is when you really have to pay strict attention. It’s the serious side effects that can cause permanent damage or even worse. These are the ones you have to really be careful of and stop taking Levitra immediately if they should happen to appear.

First of all, there is this “thing” called priapism that can occur. In layman’s terms, this is when you maintain an erection for 4 hours or more with the absence of stimulation or intercourse. It can be quite painful, and you run the risk of damaging your penis.

Your senses can also become affected. Partial or full hearing or vision loss can occur. Even if you notice a slight change in either one of these senses, it is best to get off Levitra immediately and contact your doctor.

Some other more serious side effects include chest pains, memory loss, shortness of breath, an irregular heartbeat or swollen throat, lips and face. For the latter, the last thing you want to do is go into anaphylactic shock. This would cause your throat to swell completely shut, making it really hard to breathe.

Again, these are not set in stone, and they will vary from one person to another. But if you remember from the beginning, what you don’t know you don’t know. It is way better TO know so you can use Levitra safely.

And one last thing about side effects. Certain medications can cause interactions with Levitra and you should definitely familiarize yourself with them. Especially ones for high blood pressure, prostate problems or any other drug that contains nitrates. You will know better than anyone else what you are currently taking. So always bring it up with your doctor to play it safe.

Even if you are taking something, it doesn’t mean your doctor won’t prescribe Levitra. He might just give you a different dose or change your current prescription.

One last thing to consider is what you are consuming. Drinking one or two alcoholic beverages, for example, is no big deal. But once you start imbibing high amounts, this will definitely have an effect on your ability to achieve an erection.

That’s always the case when you are not even taking an ED drug. But even still, it will have a negative effect on the efficacy of Levitra. You are best keeping the intake low.

Lastly, it is not recommended to drink grapefruit juice or eat grapefruits as they increase the amount of vardenafil flowing through your blood.

Levitra and Alcohol

In case you missed the memo from earlier, it is seriously in your best interest to pipe down on the alcohol intake when using Levitra. Complete cessation is always going to be best, but at least keep your intake to minimal amounts.

When you drink excessive amounts of alcohol, it lowers testosterone, which in turn, makes it harder to achieve an erection. If you do this while taking Levitra, it will also lower the effects of the drug and bring you right back to square one.

The idea is you want to reverse ED, not contribute to it. Be aware of this before you decide to start doing shots to get into the mood.

How Does Levitra Compare to Other Erectile Dysfunction Drugs?

Levitra online

Levitra is not the only drug to treat ED in town. In fact, there are a few that get talked about quite often. The question then looms, how does this one compare to them? In the big picture, they are pretty much all on par with each other.

But there are certain differences that you want to know about to ensure you choose the one that’s the best fit for you.

Cialis vs. Levitra

The first item up for bid is Cialis. You’ve probably seen these commercials just as much as Levitra. Although similar in concept, the main difference between these two is the time in which it takes for them to kick in.

Levitra is usually working in about an hour or less, while Cialis can take roughly 2 hours before you feel the effect. What does this mean for you? Well, you need to plan strategically.

If you are looking to have sex more sooner than later, obviously Levitra is going to be a better option. However, if you are planning to take your partner out to dinner first and have sex later in the night, then Cialis is going to be a better choice.

And here’s one more point to take into consideration. Levitra tends to be gone from the body in about 6 to 8 hours, but it’s not out of reason to still get an effect from Cialis 24 to 36 hours later. Keep this in mind if you plan on partaking in sexual activity for an extended period of time.

Levitra vs. Viagra

You know it as Viagra, but the scientific name given for this ED drug is sildenafil. The interesting thing about it is, it was first used as a hypertension drug. In fact, it was FDA-approved for this very reason and then it came to be known that it helped with ED.

Fast forward to today and it’s probably safe to say that Viagra is the most recognized drug for erectile dysfunction on the market. That’s not discrediting Levitra though. And in comparison, Viagra and Levitra are very similar. They stay in the body just as long, they start working at the same time and they both come with the same side effects.

Overall, it is in your best interest to talk to your doctor about getting the right medication for you. Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra have all proven to be effective for ED. So it then comes down to a judgment call and choosing the one that’s going to resonate best with your body. And you should easily be able to tell how well something is received with your system, shortly after taking it. Pay attention to the signs—both the good and bad ones.

And one more thing. Even when the less severe, common side effects appear, they generally leave as the drug leaves the system as well. So there’s nothing really to worry about it. Just be on guard if you experience longer-lasting symptoms.

Is it Safe to Buy Levitra Online?

This is a very weighted question. It’s like asking if it’s safe to buy a car online that’s in another state. It might look good and there can be a huge, fancy, schmancy write-up about it, but it could be smoke and mirrors.

That being said, it could all be false advertising and the actual car might be nothing like the picture shows. There can be engine problems, rips in the upholstery and the list go on and on.

Fast forward to Levitra, or any of the major ED medications, and you are putting yourself at risk for being duped. You don’t know for sure if it is the right dosage. You don’t know if there are other sketchy additives in the pills. And, you don’t even know for sure if it is Levitra!

So to sum it up, if you see Levitra online and are just winging it, it is definitely NOT safe. Plus, it’s sad to say, but con artists will add other really bad things to ED pills like paint, printer ink, and even talcum powder! You do not want any of this stuff in your system.

Where to Buy Levitra Online

If you do want to buy Levitra online, it should come to no surprise that you should find a reputable source. That is not always an easy thing to do, but it’s also not impossible. Here’s where the rub comes in though.

Prescription drugs are not sold online in America without a prescription. However, that’s not the case in other countries, such as Canada, England, and Mexico. If you were to do a search for Levitra online, you can easily find it for sale and get your hands on it from a particular site.

But if you did a little further investigate, you would likely find out that it is from another country. Take that into consideration when moving forward with a purchasing decision. You then have to go back to the original point, which is you cannot be sure that what you’re getting is legit.

All that being said, if you are still hard-pressed to get Levitra online, just simply do a Google search and you will find a battery of sites to choose from. Take your pick and just be cautious of where you buy from.

Can You Buy Levitra Online With a Prescription?

Levitra online

You already know that you need to make a trip to your local pharmacy with a scrip from your doctor to get your hands on some Levitra. But can you somehow get your fix online with the very same scrip? The good news is, you can.

Again, you need to do a little legwork and scouring around to find a legitime resource. And here are some pointers when it comes to doing this. First of all, make sure to find a United States—based company WITH an address that proves they are from the United States. Secondly, make sure they are a licensed pharmacist, which you can find out by consulting the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy website.

Any legit pharmacy will also have a phone number where you can contact them and have actual human interaction. Call them up, ask them if they are in fact legit and ask them any questions you may have. Thirdly, make sure the FDA has their stamp on the Levitra and that the containers actually have the name written on them and the right dosage to use.

Last of all and this should be obvious, make sure they ask for a prescription from your doctor. Follow all of these guidelines and you should be in good shape.

Getting Levitra Online Without a Prescription

Revert back to what was mentioned earlier about scammers and safety. Ask yourself is it really worth it to try to get Levitra when it could lead to other outcomes far worse than erectile dysfunction? This is exactly what can happen when you buy it without a prescription.

But again, it’s your health and life that’s at stake here. If you are 100% confident that what you are buying is, in fact, Levitra, and you think it’s going to give you great results, then go for it. Just know well in advance what you are getting yourself into.

It would be the same as walking across a tightrope with no net beneath you. You just might be able to make it and be fine. But if you should happen to slip, you won’t be as lucky.

Is There a Generic Levitra

There is a big catch-22 floating around the universe. Or better yet, you might want to call it a paradox. Here’s the deal. Technically, the patent on Levitra is in effect until the end of October of 2018. This means that in the US, there currently is no generic of this drug to be had.

In short, this means you are unable to get yourself a cheaper, generic version of Levitra. There are two buts to this though. But, once that patent ends, there is a better than average chance that a generic will crop up and you can look into getting it. The same can be said about Viagra and Cialis, once their patents come to an end.

The second, you can likely find a generic form of Levitra in another country. This muddies the waters a bit once again.

Do your research, see what’s out there and make a decision on what you want to do based on your budget and the risk you want to take with your health. Honestly, your wellbeing should always come first.

Final Thoughts on Levitra Online

A lot of people are strictly against the use of pharmaceutical drugs because of their side effects. And that is a very valid reason to avoid them. But, there is also a time and place for them, depending on your situation.

As long as you use Levitra as directed, do not abuse alcohol and do not experience any side effects that you would consider debilitating, it is definitely worth a try. And, you cannot dispute the fact that it has been proven to be effective. That really leaves the ball in your court.