Be the Man you Deserve to Be


“It’s all in your mind. You just need to relax,” is the worst advice you can hear when suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED).

The frustration, anxiety, and self loathing ED triggers makes “relaxing it away” impossible. And if you’re aged over 40, there’s all sorts of health issues that can stop smooth blood flow reaching your manhood.

Thankfully, due to the joys of modern medicine, ED is fixable.

With Strong Health’s safe, effective and discrete prescriptions, there’s no need to wait months, or even years, for lifestyle changes to take effect. Instead, you can be hard on demand and become the man you deserve to be.

ED Affects Your Partner Too

ED isn’t a small problem you can ignore and hope it goes away. It affects all areas of your life.

The embarrassment, shame, and the sense of being less of a man hammers away at your self esteem, night and day.

You may even find you start avoiding sex altogether, rather than face that look of disappointment on your partner’s face.

As ED eats away at your intimacy, it can make your partner feel unattractive, unwanted and unloved. Red hot passion dials down to become a frosty chasm in the bed between you.

Is it possible your partner could be lured away by another man? Someone ready to fill the void you’re unfulfilling?

It’s a horrifying thought. Yet the longer you live with ED the higher the risk.


The Longer You Wait the Worse ED Gets

As the weeks and months pass by with barely a twitch, the muscle fibers and capillaries in your penis can atrophy and wither.

By that point - even if you slim down, become a Tibetan monk of calm, and get your arteries clean as a whistle - it will be too late. Your little man will be too weak to rise to the occasion.

ED may even cost you financially if your partner finally gives up and leaves you.

So you have to ask the question: How much longer can you afford to wait?

How much longer can you make excuses and beg for an early night whenever your partner is feeling frisky?

How much more disappointment can you both take before your relationship finally breaks?

Whether you've suffered for weeks, months, or years and already tried pumps or other gadgets like that, you need to stop waiting and take steps to fix your ED before it ruins you life.

After all, why go through life feeling like "less than a man" when ED is curable?

Why Live with Frustration When ED is Fixable

Just imagine what it would be like to perform on command...

The boost to your confidence knowing you can satisfy your partner at any time, or anywhere…

Imagine hearing them gushing with pleasure after the most intense, mind-blowing sex you’ve had  in months, or even years,

And seeing the glowing look on their face that says you, and only you, can satisfy them more than other man possibly could.

No more nagging sense that you're not "man enough".

Instead, you’re walking tall and proud, flowing with reawakened masculinity and pride knowing you can pleasure your partner on demand.

Enough talk, it’s time for action.

How it works

1. Fill Out a Questionnaire

You’ll need to answer a few simple questions about your symptoms and health history. This enables our therapists to determine the likely cause of your ED and the most appropriate treatment.

2. See a Physician Online

We offer online consultations with our therapists at no obligation. This is to answer your questions and to discuss which ED medication is best for your circumstances.

3. Get Your Prescription

Strong Health ships your ED medication quickly and confidentially. Should you wish, we can also send you a repeat prescription every month.

It really is that simple. Instead of living in shame, in just 3 steps you can be free of ED and enjoying life again on your terms.

Complete our questionnaire right now and take that first step towards regaining strong, hard erections and becoming the man you and your partner want you to be:

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