Natural Cure for Prostate Cancer Theories

A cancer diagnosis can be one of the most frightening experiences of your life, but it isn’t cause for the same level of panic it once was. Many types of cancer, including prostate cancer, can be treated and/or controlled. It’s possible to live a full and healthy life for many years, even after you’ve received a prostate cancer diagnosis.

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Some of the best tools we have for dealing with prostate cancer cells are natural treatments and traditional remedies. Other than radiation therapy and hormone therapy for advanced prostate cancer, these “natural alternative treatments” for prostate cancer are not officially confirmed by modern medical science, but many believe it is possible to take a natural approach to treating cancerous cells and prostate problems.

For most people, the best approach starts with prevention, which almost always is focused on natural cures to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. And, if cancer does develop, design a treatment program that includes both conventional and natural cures cancer of the prostate gland. Each person and his doctor must determine what the right course of action is for them, and many find that including natural therapies enhances their ability to fight cancer.

Why Are Natural Cures for Prostate Cancer Appealing?

One of the primary reasons people turn to natural treatments for prostate cancer is because they are concerned about the side effects of conventional treatments. Medication, radiation therapy, and surgery can all trigger side effects, some of which are serious and interfere with everyday life.

Natural therapies serve two purposes: they give men an alternative to conventional treatments and they help ease the unpleasant side effects associated with conventional therapies.

There’s also a third reason for natural therapies for prostate cancer: they might help to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. Because these remedies are natural, many of them can be used long before there’s a cancer diagnosis. This is a benefit not available with conventional therapies. After all, nobody would undergo prostate surgery or radiation treatment unless they’d been officially diagnosed with cancer.

Diet and Prostate Health

The first “natural cure” you should consider if you are concerned about prostate cancer? Improve your diet.

Research shows that the way a person eats is linked to his health and his risk for prostate cancer. Some point to the prevalence of prostate cancer in the Western world vs. Asian countries, where diets are drastically different.

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Of course, cancer risk is hereditary and there are certainly other things that affect your body’s likelihood to get cancer, but there is growing evidence that a vegetarian diet is linked to lower rates of prostate cancer. There is debate over whether this is because of the difference in fat content or because vegetarians tend to get a lot more nutrients because they are focused on eating plants, or a combination of these two factors, but there is no denying that replacing the less healthy foods in your diet with fruits and vegetables is likely to reduce your prostate cancer risk.

Is Ketchup the Magic Cure for Prostate Cancer?

A few years back, there was a great deal of attention paid to tomato-based foods because they contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. There was also speculation that lycopene became an even bigger cancer-fighting powerhouse when the tomatoes were cooked—think ketchup or spaghetti sauce.

There is evidence that including a lot of foods high in lycopene in your diet tends to reduce your prostate cancer risk and there is even some data that shows lycopene positively affects the growth of prostate tumors.

Just as exciting is there doesn’t seem to be any disadvantage to boosting your lycopene intake. Of course, some brands of store-bought ketchup tend to be high in sugar and might feature other ingredients that aren’t known for their health benefits, so you’re better off using fresh tomatoes and making your own condiment. The bottom line? If you are concerned about prostate health and want to reduce your risk for prostate cancer, eat more cooked tomatoes.

Herbal Cures for Prostate Cancer

Many men have turned to herbal remedies to help them prevent and manage prostate cancer.

Saw palmetto seems to help with enlarged prostate and studies have shown positive results for those using the herb. However, there is no evidence that saw palmetto prevents or treats prostate cancer, it might simply improve overall prostate health.

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To learn more about saw palmetto, check out this information.

Another herbal remedy often associated with prostate health is African plum tree. The bark has traditionally been used as a natural remedy for bladder and urinary problems and there is evidence it eases the nighttime symptoms associated with enlarged prostate. There is no evidence African plum tree reduces the size of the prostate or cures prostate cancer, but it can help with some of the discomfort associated with prostate issues.

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Natural Cancer Prevention and Cures

In addition to those listed above, there is also some talk of the positive effects selenium, cesium chloride, calcium, vitamin D, omega-3, and green tea have on prostate cancer. Some men have incorporated these things into their diet and believe they are improving their prostate cancer risk. Other men use these things in conjunction with their conventional prostate cancer treatment and believe they are improving their odds of beating cancer.

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The important thing to remember if you want to use a natural cure for prostate cancer is to speak to your doctor about your intentions and concerns. The best doctors understand that patients want to take a comprehensive approach to treatment and they are more than willing to work with patients to better manage their health.

Working with a doctor you know you can trust and who is open to a comprehensive approach can do wonders for your treatment. It also means you can trust your doctor when they advise against a natural remedy because it will interfere with your other treatments or with health issues unrelated to prostate cancer.

Natural remedies, especially medicinal herbs, have side effects and can interact with other medications and with other natural remedies. Using natural cures and remedies without proper education can put your health at risk and in some cases, be fatal. This isn’t to say they aren’t effective, but like any medicine, not every option is right for everyone all the time.