Onnit Alpha BRAIN: Complete Review of the Nootropic Drug

Alpha BRAIN, developed by Onnit Labs, has created quite a buzz in the nootropic community in recent years. Alpha BRAIN makes bold claims to benefit numerous cognitive functions for its users such as enhancing memory and promoting a higher state of focus. The debate about Alpha BRAIN only intensified when it was featured numerous times on the highly popular podcast of Joe Rogan.

The claims made by Rogan and other well-known media figures led a plethora of curious individuals to try it for themselves. A closer look at the popular nootropic will reveal if it is truly a product worth trying.

The Origin and Claims of Onnit Alpha BRAIN

Although Alpha BRAIN was developed in 2010, it was not until more recent years the nootropic underwent clinical trials. The positive findings in clinical trials gave the product’s reputation a boost and led to a bigger following. Even though many testify about the wonders surrounding Alpha BRAIN, there are still some who say otherwise.

Since 2010 Onnit Alpha BRAIN Has Become Popular in the Nootropic Community

A particular reason Alpha BRAIN has gathered a huge following so quickly is the amount of coverage and spotlight popular figures in media and sports give the product. The biggest ambassador of Alpha BRAIN is the comedian, UFC commentator, and podcast host Joe Rogan. There are other promoters of Alpha BRAIN including athletes, entertainers, and medical professionals. The quantitative list of well-known individuals representing Onnit Labs has led to an exponential amount of curious takers in Alpha BRAIN.

Onnit Claims That Alpha BRAIN Helps With Memory, Focus, and Mental Speed

Onnit lists clinical trials on their website as evidence to the following claims that Alpha BRAIN improves memory, focus, and mental speed. The two clinical trials they reference on their site are from the Boston Center for Memory, and they display links to the results and interviews with the scientists conducting the trials.

The Onnit Alpha BRAIN Ingredients And What They Do

The comprehensive list of natural ingredients utilized in the Alpha BRAIN formula is readily available for its users. Many of the ingredients Onnit placed into Alpha BRAIN are popular in the nootropic community for their individual effects on cognitive functions.

Vitamin B6

The inclusion of vitamin B6 into the Alpha BRAIN formula can benefit many of its users who are lacking it in their natural diet. Vitamin B6 is a crucial component in well over 100 enzyme reactions in the body so its importance in overall health cannot be stated enough. The cognitive benefits of vitamin B6 include increased memory and the utilization of vital neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine and serotonin.


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid often times used for its critical role in the development of neurotransmitters in the brain such as epinephrine and norepinephrine. Further studies show a correlation between L-Tyrosine in improved memory and performance on cognitive function evaluations. L-Tyrosine has additionally been discovered to benefit the body during times of elevated stress since it stabilizes levels of norepinephrine and dopamine in stressful environments. For those in highly stressful jobs, their mental capacity and cognitive functioning can benefit by supplementing with L-Tyrosine.


L-Theanine is an additional amino acid in the Alpha BRAIN formula and it can be found naturally in green tea. Much like the previously mentioned L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine can benefit users by relieving levels of stress within the body. L-Theanine promotes relaxation through its ability to increase α-waves and to sustain appropriate levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. Anyone searching for a stress-reliever while simultaneously remaining alert will see positive effects taking L-Theanine.

Oat Extract

Oat extract is derived from an oat plant called Avena sativa and it is loaded with many essential vitamins and minerals. A double-blind study revealed doses of oat-extract led to increases in memory and improvements in word recall.


The cognitive effects of phosphatidylserine, PS for short, have been studied in young children and older adults. One study focusing on the impact of PS on children suffering from ADHD showed promising results. The results of the study indicated improvements in short-term memory and the ability to maintain focus. Improvements in memory were shown in a study focusing on elderly test subjects being administered PS with omega-3 fatty acids attached.

PS can additionally decrease the amount of time required to process information. The cognitive benefits of PS are available across all age ranges whether taken isolated or with foods containing popular omega-3 fatty acids such as fish oil.

Cat’s claw extract

Cat’s claw is a vine which can be found in tropical regions of Central and South America. It has been used for centuries to treat conditions such as cancer, inflammation, arthritis, and many others. A study in mice researched and concluded cat’s claw had the ability to improve impaired memory. Due to the previously mentioned anti-inflammatory benefits of cat’s claw, it is theorized to limit cognitive decline and be a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

A component of Cat’s claw is believed to reduce the accumulation of alpha-synuclein proteins known to increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The studied ability of Cat’s claw to repair damaged DNA can likewise go a long way in preventing cognitive decline as individual ages.

L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine

Alpha GPC is a supplement primarily taken for its ability to enhance cognitive functions including memory and maintaining focus. One study in Italy found that Alpha GPC reduced memory impairments caused by scopolamine. The cognitive benefits of Alpha GPC have been studied in those with mild forms of dementia and one study indicated improvements in cognitive tests of dementia patients. Alpha GPC has shown to be popular among young athletes as well with its ability to increase Human Growth Hormone.

Bacopa extract

Bacopa extract is a well-known herb which has been used to treat memory impairment and to battle stress. A 12-week double-blind study indicated those who received treatments of bacopa extract improved greatly in memory and learning tests. Additional human tests must be completed, but bacopa extract could potentially be a beneficial treatment for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Besides its ability to enhance memory, bacopa extract has been shown to benefit mental health by limiting anxiety and depression.

According to the University of Michigan, animal studies have revealed bacopa extract’s ability to positively affect neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine. Bacopa extract could potentially be an alternative treatment for children with ADHD as one study indicated improvements in memory and learning.

Huperzia Serrata extract

Huperzia Serrata extract can be found from a club moss plant located in China. Huperzia Serrata operates by preventing the breakdown of acetylcholine in the brain. The boost in the acetylcholine within the brain can correlate too many benefits in cognitive functioning. It is also believed, through one study which focused on mice, that huperzia can prevent damages to mitochondria within the brain to protect against neurodegeneration. The most noticeable benefit of huperzia by far is the memory as indicated by this study. Other research has shown inspiring results to improve memory and overall cognitive functions in Alzheimer’s patients.


L-Leucine is an essential amino acid normally associated with building muscle and providing an energy boost. Leucine also plays a vital role in protein synthesis and ensures adequate proteins are produced consistently throughout the body.


Vinpocetine can improve overall brain health and cognitive functioning by increasing the blood flow to the brain. It is a vasodilator which contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. One study suggests individuals suffering from cerebrovascular conditions will benefit by taking vinpocetine due to its ability to ward off free radicals.

Its anti-inflammatory properties lead some scientists to believe it can possibly reduce the decline of cognitive function in Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Perhaps the most significant findings thus far with vinpocetine is improvements in memory as one study witnessed remarkable enhancements in memory using a dosage of 40mg.


Pterostilbene is an antioxidant known to fight against the formation of free radicals which can be detrimental to cognitive health. Research in mice has indicated pterostilbene leads to increases in cognitive functioning, improvements in memory, and the release of dopamine. In addition to stimulating memory and dopamine release, pterostilbene can potentially be an anti-inflammatory agent to limit the cognitive decline in older age. However, more human studies are required to assertively claim the long-term benefits on cognitive health.

So Does Onnit Alpha BRAIN Work?

Due to increased media exposure and popularity, Alpha BRAIN has been placed under the microscope frequently the last few years. Reviews are popping up all over the place to inform potential users if Alpha BRAIN is an efficient nootropic formula to use. Clinical trials have tested the claimed benefits by Onnit Labs and thus far, results have been fairly positive.

For the majority of its users, Alpha BRAIN does indicate it being a successful nootropic providing a noticeable change in cognitive function.

What The Clinical Trials Have to Say About Alpha BRAIN

A 2015 study by Solomon et al concluded Alpha BRAIN provided improvements in verbal memory and warranted further tests of the supplement. Other findings within the study include a 12 percent increase in verbal recall and a 21 percent quicker time when finishing assigned tasks. Furthermore, a study by the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference indicated test subjects in the Alpha BRAIN group showed an increase in the frequency of α-waves. The EEG readings of the Alpha BRAIN subjects led to the conclusion of Alpha BRAIN providing “beneficial effects” on cognitive performances measures.

What Do The Onnit Alpha BRAIN Reviews Say?

The majority of reviews on websites across the internet are positive and some users cannot stop raving about the benefits they see taking Alpha BRAIN. However, there are still some negative reviews out there which indicate uncommonly, but possible drawbacks to the nootropic. Then again, every individual will have their own experience with Alpha BRAIN depending on how it interacts with their unique brain. Below is a mixture of positive and negative reviews regarding Alpha BRAIN.

Onnit Alpha BRAIN

Onnit Alpha BRAIN

Onnit Alpha BRAIN

Onnit Alpha BRAIN

The Onnit Alpha BRAIN Side Effects And Safety Assessment

Many of the ingredients used in Alpha BRAIN have already been heavily researched in previous studies. There are some ingredients which do require additional scientific research on human subjects. Even with the ingredients which are backed by reputable scientific research, every individual could potentially react differently to the particular dosage present in Alpha BRAIN. It is always best to consult with one’s doctor when not sure about a particular ingredient.

Although the majority of Alpha BRAIN users do not feel any side effects, there are some who do feel unwanted adverse effects upon the first few doses. Some users who did not have a pleasant experience with Alpha BRAIN mentioned they felt nauseous, could not concentrate, and had brutal headaches. Some users commented feeling extremely sick within the first day or two of taking their first dosage.

Overall, Alpha BRAIN is a safe nootropic when compared to others on the market, but there are still potential adverse effects to be aware of depending on how they interact with each user’s brain.

There Have Been Reports of a Headache, Jaw Ache, and Unusual Dreams

There have been numerous claims of experiencing the above-mentioned side effects after taking Alpha BRAIN. Although there are a handful of ingredients which can potentially cause headaches, suffering from jaw aches can be attributed to high amounts of acetylcholine.

The Level of Huperzia Serrata in Alpha BRAIN is Twice The Recommended Dose

The ingredient in Alpha BRAIN responsible for the strange dreams is likely huperzia Serrata extract. The dosage of Huperzia Serrata extract in Alpha BRAIN is two times higher than what is recommended and this could potentially cause the strange dreams some users of Alpha BRAIN experience.

Other Side Effects From Alpha BRAIN Ingredients Are Unlikely

Even though the majority of users speak highly of Alpha BRAIN, other side effects of the nootropic do exist. Other potential side effects include feeling fidgety, anxiety, or changes in mood. If any of these side effects become noticeable when taking Alpha BRAIN, it is best to stop taking it and consult a doctor.

What’s The Best Way To Buy Onnit Alpha BRAIN?

Alpha BRAIN can be purchased in several different methods. It can be purchased directly from its website or it can be purchased on Amazon. For those who wish to buy Alpha Brain physically in the store, Onnit Labs provides a store locator to inform consumers exactly which stores have their product.

Is There An Onnit Alpha BRAIN Free Trial?

Onnit Labs does offer new users unsure about committing to a full bottle the chance to try Alpha BRAIN with a free trial. The link to their free trial on their website is listed here. Onnit Labs includes a money back guarantee on purchases so consumers do not have to worry about the nootropic not being the right fit when making their first purchase.

Are There Onnit Alpha BRAIN Coupon Codes?

There are several places online to check out to receive a coupon for Onnit Lab’s Alpha BRAIN. A few coupons discovered are provided below.


Is Alpha BRAIN worth a try?

Considering the clinical trials which have become readily available in recent years and the numerous great testimonials, Alpha BRAIN is definitely worth a try. It is always smart to look at the exact dosage of each ingredient and ask a doctor to make sure none of the individual ingredients pose any risk. Otherwise, most users will likely see positive results in memory, concentration, and overall cognitive function.

An available free trial and a money back guarantee program to make the first bottle of Alpha BRAIN a financially safe demo to see if it is the right product. Unless the doctor disapproves, at least one try of Alpha BRAIN is highly recommended.