Stendra: A Beginner’s Guide to Avanafil

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If you are unaware of Stendra, it almost sounds like something you would add into your drink to make it a bit sweeter. However, if you did so, you would be offered much more than a greater flavorful beverage. Stendra is a brand name for the drug Avanafil.

Avanafil is a medication that treats erectile dysfunction (ED). If you are a man that has experienced ED in the past or present, Stendra may be one that you should investigate further to improve your sexual activity.

What is Stendra?


Stendra is one of the newest erectile dysfunction drugs on the market, and it has shown great promise in helping men achieve erections for sexual activity. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave its approval of the medication back in 2012. It joins three other oral drugs used to treat ED in men. Viagra is the most popular as it was first introduced to the public before the rest in 1998.

It helps to be the first in the market for anything because if customers like it, they probably won’t stray from it even when new products are offered. Cialis and Levitra are the other two available with Cialis doing more business out of the two.

All four are phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. For those that are not chemists or have a professional medical degree, PDE5s cause vasodilation in the penis and lung, resulting in prolonging the action of mediators of vasodilation including nitric oxide.

For those that just want the information stated simply, these medications increase blood flow to the penis so an erection can be achieved more easily and for a longer amount of time. PDE5s are a blessing for many men that have problems with ED.

If you are not up on the current ED news, almost half of men over 40 suffer from the inability every now and then to achieve an erection. It can strike much earlier, though, and could affect some men as early as in their 20s. While the physical problem of not being able to get and stay erected is bad enough, the mental trauma can be much worse.

Having to explain to your partner that you can’t perform for the night is a conversation most men would love to never have. Now we all realize why Stanley Roper always put off his wife Helen’s advances on Three’s Company. He might have had the same exact problem.

How to Take Stendra?

Stendra is a bit different than the other oral ED medications. Most of those involve popping a pill in your mouth about the size of an aspirin the majority of the time. Stendra is tiny like the size of a grain of rice. If you have difficulty swallowing pills or capsules and you have ED, Stendra’s small size could be perfect for you.

Stendra can be taken in either 100 or 200 mg form. It could be wise to try even less than the 100mg if this is the first time you have tested it. Many men do not need much of it to have it still work properly. It should be consumed about 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. Stendra is fast acting, so excusing yourself to go to the bathroom before things start to get intimate will allow you to take it discreetly.

Stendra can be quite powerful, so make certain you are only taking it once a day. If you take too much of it too often, a trip to the hospital could be in your future. An erection that does not go away for hours might sound like a lot of fun for some, but it can be quite painful and could need medical attention.

Stendra may be taken with or without food, and if you plan on having sex, you usually do not want a stomach packed with your dinner from a few minutes before. However, sometimes things happen. It would be best to avoid drinking too much alcohol as well.

We all know what drinking too much can lead to in the bedroom with the inability to rise to the occasion, but when having too much alcohol with Stendra, it can actually cause dizziness, increased heart rate, headaches, or even lowering your blood pressure.

How Long Does It Take for Stendra to Work?

It does not take long for Stendra to work. Like previously stated up above, it takes a short amount of time to go into action. Some report feeling the effects in less than 15 minutes. It might be a better idea to take it 30 minutes before you think you will need it.

Depending upon your comfort level, you can keep the knowledge of taking it strictly to yourself. If you do not mind sharing the news about this medication with your bedmate, then you can plan out the timing a bit better. In either case, there is about a 75 percent chance it will work.

How Long Does the Stendra Effect Last?

Of course, how long the effects of Stendra last could be directly related to the amount of it that you are ingesting. On average, with a normal dose, Stendra has been known to last six to ten hours.

This does not mean that you will have an erection for this entire amount of time. That would not be such a good time. It just means that more blood will be flowing into this region so you will be ready for sex much quicker.

The Stendra Side Effects

Just like with all drugs and medications, there are certain side effects that can be attributed to Stendra. Even daily vitamins have listed side effects to them. There is no getting around it. People react differently to all sorts of things. The key element to remember is that almost everything has side effects. It does not mean that you are going to display all of these side effects. It simply means to be aware of it in case anything like it should show up.

Discuss with your doctor if you should exhibit any of these listed side effects. There is a chance they will go away on their own as your body starts getting used to them. However, talk about this with your doctor.

Common Side Effects

There are common side effects that show up more often in men that are taking Stendra or any other ED medication. The most frequent side effects with Stendra are headaches, flushing, and congestion. A little less common are diarrhea, dizziness, back pain, flu-like symptoms, muscle aches and pains, and upper respiratory infection.

However, realize that with Stendra you are only taking it now and then as needed. So these possible side effects will not be present for long because it will be out of your system after a while.

Serious Side Effects

There are more serious side effects to be aware of as well. Hopefully, your quest to end ED will not be met with one of these afflictions. It would be a very cruel Twilight Zone twist if you went from having erection problems to getting priapism, a painful four-hour erection that could require medical attention.

There is also a chance of vision or hearing loss. You might even start seeing colors just a little bit off than you are used to. If any of these occur, head in to receive immediate medical attention.

How Does Stendra Compare to Other Erectile Dysfunction Drugs?


The big question that is probably on your mind is why you should pick Stendra over the other ED drugs that are available. Essentially, it all depends on what you are looking for.

Do you want it to be in your system a longer amount of time, so you can take it hours before you think there is a chance of bedroom activity? Or would you like it to be shorter acting and only provide you with those blood pumping benefits for a few hours? And yet for others, it is sort of like deciding between Coke and Pepsi. In fact, you could throw in RC soda in there as well.

All three taste very similar, so you might just choose one eventually based on the brand.

Stendra vs Viagra

As discussed earlier, Viagra is the most popular ED drug currently available on the market. Almost 50 percent of people that take an ED medication choose Viagra as their go-to drug. Stendra works in the same way as most other PDE5 inhibitor drugs.

There are some differences, though, when comparing Stendra vs Viagra. Viagra’s active ingredient is Sildenafil and Stendra’s active ingredient is Avanafil. But what really is the difference?

Researchers have thought that Stendra focused more specifically on ED than Viagra. Remember that Sildenafil was originally created to treat high blood pressure and chest pain due to heart disease. Instead, it was determined during clinical trials that it was much better at creating erections than helping with heart disease. Suddenly, the amazing Viagra was born and the men of the world went to bed happy.

Stendra was created specifically for ED. With Stendra being more targeted than Viagra, it could possibly produce fewer side effects.

But which one is better at inducing erections? To break it down simply, 75 percent of men taking Viagra reported better erections. On the other hand, 80 percent of men taking Stendra said it improved their erections. And as an added bonus, Stendra can act as quickly as 15 minutes, which is 15 minutes faster than Viagra. Viagra does leave the body quicker with those claiming it is ineffective after four hours. Men taking Stendra said it continued working for a full six hours though.

Cialis vs. Stendra

Cialis is a favorite for many men mostly because of one fact: It is effective for up to 36 hours. Being able to take a dose of Cialis Friday morning and have it working throughout the whole weekend is pretty convenient. You do not have to zero in or estimate exactly when you are having sex that day. Plus, one dose can go a long way, so a prescription for Cialis could last a much longer time.

It may take Cialis a bit longer to kick in, though, with men reporting it can take effect an average of 30 to 45 minutes. Some men report that it takes a full hour or two for it to achieve its maximum results. But once again, it may stay in your system for a few days, so you don’t have to narrow down your sexy time quite as much.

Levitra vs. Stendra

Levitra and Stendra are generally thought of us as the most fast-acting ED drug out there on the market. Both start the blood pumping right away, with some studies showing it can start providing erection help in only ten minutes. In addition, both seem to provide bedroom help for about the same amount of time.
Essentially, anywhere from four to six hours. The bonus to the drugs getting out of your system quicker is the less chance of side effects. About the only major difference between Levitra and Stendra is it takes more of the active ingredient Vardenafil for Levitra to work when compared to Avanafil for Stendra.

Is it Safe to Buy Stendra Online?

The question may not be whether it is safe to buy Stendra online, but rather is it safe to buy any medication online. There are numerous fakes out there pertaining to medication and even online pharmacies. Some of the bogus websites look legit enough, but you just never know.

The problem is you may be tempted to purchase online for the convenience and how much cheaper the drug can be bought over the internet. Your local pharmacy probably charges much more for most drugs than the places online offer.

There are certain things to keep in mind when considering buying your medications online. If you perform a quick Google search, there are numerous “Canadian” pharmacies offering prices for medication that seem too good to be true.

Well, you know the old saying that if it seems too good to be true then it usually is? Many of these so-called Canadian pharmacies are not legit in the slightest. If an online pharmacy is offering your medication without the need for a valid prescription, there could be some funny business going on.

Always check and see if they have a United States state-licensed pharmacist involved with their site so they can answer any questions you may have. There are numerous online pharmacies operating in the United States, and if they are legit, they may be able to provide you with slightly better prices.

Just be wary of all online pharmacies and do your research in determining if they are on the up and up. You do not want to receive fake medication that contains too much or too little of the active ingredient. Plus, it could be some other sort of medication altogether. The world really does make it tough to find quality medication at a good price, but don’t become too frustrated that you decide to give up on fixing your problem.

Where to Buy Stendra Online?

Once again, there are options to buy Stendra online from legitimate pharmacies that ask for prescriptions. However, you must make sure that they work hand in hand with your health insurance. Paying out of pocket for Stendra can get expensive with it costing in the hundreds of dollars. A good alternative would be to examine how much your current pharmacy would charge with your insurance helping out.

If you want to see what other help could be offered at your pharmacy for pricing, GoodRx is a free app and website that provides discounted coupons for most medications. Many men report that they pay less for their medications using GoodRx than they would if they used their actual insurance that they are paying thousands of dollars for.

How to Get Stendra

Stendra is only available by having a prescription written by a qualified medical professional. If you wander outside of these realms, then you are risking your health. Plus, if you decide to go the route of ordering online from a pharmacy that does not require a prescription, who knows if it will actually come.

In addition, you are providing them with either a credit card number or a bank debit card number, and they could take advantage of you by both of these things. Once you are alerted to large amounts of money discreetly being removed from your accounts, ED will be the least of your problems. It is better to go through the proper avenues now and attain a much better peace of mind in the long run.

Is There a Generic Stendra

At this time, there has not been a generic version of Stendra available in the United States. This is a shame since Stendra can be pretty expensive. Plus, sometimes it can be tricky to get insurance to pay for a portion of it. If you do a search online for generic Stendra, there will be online pharmacies proclaiming to have it.

Whether they have it or not, it is an illegal version of Stendra and their claims cannot be substantiated. Stick to purchasing Stendra through legal means and a legitimate pharmacy.

Final Thoughts on Stendra Online

It might be tempting to try saving a dollar or two by ordering them illegally, but it is not worth the risk in the end. There are too many bogus medications sold online and you will never know for sure if you are getting the correct drug.

The last thing you would want to do is take a drug that you think will be very beneficial for your ED, but it ends up hurting you instead. If this happens, there is nobody to turn to when you get ripped off online. These so-called pharmacies can be difficult to track down and sending them an email complaining about medications may not even be read.

How to Decide Which ED Drug to Take

With the four major ED drugs available with a prescription, you might be wondering which one it is you should try taking for your own ED. There are numerous things to consider when making your decision. It is a bit of a personal preference, but it also will probably come down to money.

Insurance doesn’t always deem ED drugs as a need. Instead, they look at it as a luxury. Almost like a cosmetic drug would be viewed. So if insurance covers most of one drug, but not the other three, then there is a great chance that will be the ED drug you choose.

If money is no object, and that must feel great to say, then you have to look at two other things: Side effects and the time it stays working in your system. If you need a fast-acting ED medication, then Stendra could very well be your best choice. However, if you want to be able to take it once and have the effects last for close to three days, then Cialis would be the one that you would want.

Keep in mind that many doctors will just prescribe Viagra when you bring up problems with ED simply because it has been around the longest. Doctors tend to write prescriptions for the same medications because they are familiar with them. If you want to try a different one, tell him why and provide a bit of the research.

When it comes down to it, you are your biggest health advocate. Make certain that your voice is being heard through the process. After all, it will be you in the bedroom seeing if everything is back to firing on all cylinders, not the doctors.