TestoFuel: Comprehensive Review Of The Testosterone Booster

Testosterone is known as the primary hormone for putting on muscle and keeping it right in its place. It is also an important sex hormone. But the sad reality is, as age goes up, the release of testosterone goes down. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, for every year after 30 years old, there is a 1 percent decline in this all-important hormone.

It’s times like these that people are often motivated to add a key supplement to their daily regimen to get the zing back in their testes, which is where testosterone is produced. TestoFuel is one such supplement and it has a lot to offer.

An Overview of TestoFuel Bodybuilding Supplement

You can argue until you’re blue in the face that supplements don’t work. But they have been around for a while, and they’re definitely here to stay for many years to come.

Fast forward to TestoFuel and you found yourself a very popular supplement that is also gaining more momentum every day as well. This is a natural testosterone supplement. A lot of serious weight trainers and especially bodybuilders, look to this product to gain an edge with their workouts that diet and lifting weights can’t provide on their own.

The name of the company that produces this product is Roar Ambition and they are headquartered in the UK. They actually do their processing in Panama in case that’s something that interests you, because they haven’t been traded long enough in the US or UK to officially produce their supplement in these locations. But that is about to change over the course of the next year and a half.

More importantly, TestoFuel comes in capsules that you take throughout the course of the day. Obviously, they suggest that you will get the best results when you combine the pills in with a healthy, balanced diet and strict workout regimen. And that’s where it all begins.

But how effective is TestoFuel in boosting levels of testosterone?

TestoFuel Claims to Increase Testosterone Levels and Help with Muscle Building

To add a little more insight to testosterone, it is produced in the testes when the pituitary gland sends a signal to them to perform this task. When you put your body under stress, such as while lifting heavy objects, the signal gets turned up, you produce testosterone and you then build muscle.

Testosterone is also a sex hormone, so it is important for producing erections and having a healthy sex life.

With this being the case, TestoFuel not only claims to help you with your muscle building and gaining needs, but also with your sex drive.

TestoFuel is Marketed to Weightlifters but Older Men May Also Benefit

Given the obvious effects TestoFuel can have on muscle, weightlifters and bodybuilders are the most popular candidates to snag a bottle of these capsules and slug them down during the day. But don’t forget the other point about what happens to the body with age.

Remember, t-levels start to decline. Sure, it’s a marginal amount if you look at it on a per-year basis. But it definitely adds up over time. And that right there is the reason why older men can benefit from it as well. Any way to regain energy, sex, drive, stamina, and strength through the aging process is worth looking into.

What Are The TestoFuel Ingredients and How Do They Work?

The ingredient label tells a lot about a supplement, and this is the first place you should go when you’re thinking of spending your hard-earned money on something. What if there is a bunch of bunk in there? Or worse yet, something that you are allergic to. You can end up doing more harm than good and being a few bucks poorer.

The good news about TestoFuel is that it is composed of all-natural ingredients. Aside from the fact that your body may not resonate well with something in there because of a sensitivity, you are generally going to be safe when using it.

Vitamin D3 has Been Shown to Support Testosterone Growth.

Do you know why you end up feeling so good when you go outside and sit or walk in the sun for a while? Yes, it might be relaxing, but that’s not the main reason. It’s because your body is naturally releasing a high amount of vitamin D3.

This vitamin is a precursor to testosterone release. When your t-levels are high, you feel high as well. And you are then in a favorable position to get all the benefits that testosterone can provide you with.

The only rub is, the sun is not always out. Especially in areas where there is a lot of cloud cover and dreary weather. A disruption in this natural process of the body can have an effect on mood, sex drive, and muscle preservation. Enter TestoFuel and you can have a reversal of fortune because it contains a generous amount vitamin D3.

As an added benefit, according to the National Institutes of Health, D3 is also essential for strong bones.

Vitamin K2 can Work Along with Vitamin D3

If you happen to be a fan of winter sports, you’d probably know that K2 is a popular brand of ski. Well, it also happens to be a key vitamin that doesn’t get a lot of notoriety. However, it sits at the table nicely when it comes to TestoFuel.

It’s added to the complex of ingredients because of its ability to pair with vitamin D3, which causes a synergistic effect. In other words, together, these two vitamins boost testosterone better then they do by themselves.

And just for the record, you can find K2 naturally in foods like liver, eggs, and red meat.

Vitamin B6 is an Essential Vitamin for Many of the Body’s Processes

Your B-vitamins help break down macronutrients in your system—making them essential for energy production. But that’s not where the fun stops.

Pyridoxine, the scientific name for B6, also bodes well for testosterone because it not only boosts your levels, but it also compresses the release of estrogen. This is always the goal when it comes to getting your t-levels topped off.

But here’s where it gets even better. According to the Linus Pauling Institute of Oregon State University, 80,802 women in the US Nurses Health Study showed a 24 percent reduction in coronary artery disease risk by using multivitamins with B6 present.

Magnesium Can Help with Muscle Fatigue


Once muscle fatigue sets in, you are forced to rest, or you risk injury. If you were to break through this trend and get a little more oomph from your workouts, the opposite would happen. You’d get bigger and stronger.

Enter magnesium. This mineral, which is found in pumpkin seeds, helps ward off muscle fatigue. Plus, it can boost recoveries, improve sleep and fire up your metabolism. All of those benefits are solid, but it can also rev up your production of testosterone.

Zinc Has Been Shown to Help Boost Testosterone Production in the Body

A lot of times people reach for zinc lozenges when they feel themselves coming down with a cold. And well they should because zinc is known as an immunity booster. But it also has a t-boosting effect.

When you take zinc, it puts a halt to the aromatization process where testosterone gets converted to estrogen. Additionally, it gives you more output of luteinizing hormone, which is directly related to the release of testosterone in the testes.

D-Aspartic Acid is an Amino Acid that has Been Shown to Help Boost Testosterone

You can find D-aspartic Acid (DAA) in foods like red meat and other forms of animal protein. It’s a heavy hitter when it comes to testosterone because it helps raise the amount of luteinizing hormone that is released.

As an added bonus, it causes a rise in human growth hormone (HGH) as well—another important hormone for muscle mass and strength.

Asian Red Panax Ginseng has Been Known to Increase Adrenaline and Hormone Levels

You can find ginseng in many different forms in the marketplace, such as in teas, cold drinks, tinctures, powders, and pills. But red Panax ginseng is a particular derivative that helps increase adrenaline and also hormone levels. One of which is testosterone.

Plus, it has been known to boost energy levels and sex drive. That’s why it is often found in libido-boosting formulas as well.

Fenugreek Seed May Help to Normalize the Body’s Testosterone Levels

Actual fenugreek seeds are commonly found in Asian cuisine. As for your testosterone levels, here is where they come into play.

Due to their high content of zinc, selenium, and magnesium, fenugreek seeds have the ability to suppress a protein called sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG). When SHBG is high, it dampens your t-output. But fenugreek turns the tables, giving you a higher release of testosterone.

Oyster Extract has Very High Levels of Zinc

Last, but not least, you have good old oyster extract. As the name implies, this is a concentrate that gets pulled from oysters. Why oysters? Well, they are high in zinc, first of all. Secondly, they help reduce aromatization. Lastly, they help fire up your testosterone production and also boost reproductive function.

What the TestoFuel Reviews Have to say About its Benefits

Just like no two human beings are identical, the same can be said about the reviews of TestoFuel. No two people have the exact same results. In fact, the results are very mixed. Some people claim they’ve had great results, some claim they got nothing in return and others said they had average results.

One thing that does seem to be across the board though, is you have to take it for a good four weeks to see any benefits at all. So you might want to give it a try and just be patient.

Some of TestoFuel’s Ingredients are Backed by Science

If you refer to the label of TestoFuel, you will notice that they claim a lot of the ingredients are backed by science. But you always have to take this with a grain of salt. Often times they just repurpose information from other sites on particular ingredients to make it look like it was them doing the study, but it’s not.

Plus, always be skeptical of studies that can be biased by a company with deep pockets. That doesn’t mean that TestoFuel is trying to pull the rug over your eyes, but you should definitely be aware of inaccuracies.

Many Men Report Success with TestoFuel for Muscle Gains

For every man who reports success with muscle building by using TestoFuel, you are likely to find another one who doesn’t. Again, this all boils down to not everyone is the same. What works for one may not work for another.

But as long as you eat right, train hard and take TestoFuel, you should at least get some positive return on investment.

Some Users Report Increased Libido and Virility

At this point, you should probably be aware that by default, boosting testosterone also boosts sex drive. That’s because the test is known as the main sex hormone for males. In some cases, men have noticed a boost in this area.

Comparison of TestoFuel vs. Prime Male

All and all, these two formulas are very closely related. They both have common ingredients like D-AA, B6, and ginseng. But, Prime Male also contains botanicals like nettle root extract and Mucuna Pruriens.

This doesn’t mean that it’s better though. These ingredients are just added because they too have been known to help with test-production and it further differentiates them from other brands.

Difficulties and Side Effects of Taking TestoFuel

Perhaps the only real difficulty with TestoFuel is remembering to take it. The recommended daily dose is four capsules spread out. If you happen to forget and do not take it regularly, you may not get the effect you are looking for.

And speaking of effect, side effects are always possible with supplements. Although TestoFuel is made from all-natural extracts, you could still be sensitive to one of these and not know it until you take it. So be on guard.

Also, they do use an artificial coloring in their capsules. Certain people are susceptible to allergic reactions to these types of things as well. So again, pay attention to anything weird that may occur with your body when you take it.

Some Buyers say that the Money Back Guarantee Doesn’t Work

If you trolled around on some review boards out there, you would find a few negative comments about the return policy that TestoFuel has. Allegedly, they do not offer you a fair money-back guarantee like they say.

But, this could just be disgruntled people who didn’t see the results they wanted, and they’re just trying to throw shade at the company. The only way to truly find out if this does not work is to try out the product yourself and make sure to be very clear about what the policy is before you buy it.

There Are No Listed Side Effects to TestoFuel If Taken As Recommended

The key word here is “recommended.” As long as you stay within the guidelines set out by TestoFuel, you should not suffer any side effects. But it’s when you start mega-dosing that problems can set in.

Be very sure to use as directed and you should be fine.

TestoFuel: Where To Buy It and How To Take It

You already found out that you should take four capsules a day, but you still need to know where to get your hands on this stuff. The best place is right from the TestoFuel website.

It’s also available on third-party websites, but you should be cautious when buying from here because they can be trying to scam you. It’s always best to go right to the source.

How Much Does TestoFuel Cost?

This stuff is not cheap. A month’s supply will run you 65 bucks, plus shipping. But, if you go with two or three boxes of bottles, you can get free shipping and some “free gifts” likes eBooks and an additional box of TestoFuel.

What is the Proper TestoFuel Dosage?

To refresh your memory, the recommended dosage is four capsules a day. And you should take them throughout the course of the day for the best benefits. Not just in one serving.

Final Words of Wisdom

If you’re wondering if TestoFuel is the right fit, there is only one way to find out. Give it a spin, monitor how your body reacts and make an informed decision if you want to stay on it or not. It’s really that simple.

As with any supplement though, be aware of how you feel and perform in the gym. If you feel no changes, then there’s no sense in paying for something that you don’t respond to.