Trimix: An Injection That Treats Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is estimated to affect 18 million men in the U.S. Alone. Erectile dysfunction (i.e. impotence) is the ability to generate and maintain an erection that is firm enough for sexual activity. As you get older, it may require more stimulation to achieve a strong erection, but it’s still something that should be a part of every man’s life.

While experiencing erectile problems can happen from time to time without it being a cause for concern. It’s when this becomes a repeatable occurrence that leads to someone becoming worrisome over the issue.

While it’s a physical issue, the effects extend much beyond the physical. Often times, the biggest effects stem from a psychological problem that brings along stress and self-confidence issues which then extend to affect the relationship.

Many men feel that this is a problem and feel embarrassed about it which leads to them avoiding going to the doctor or seeking effective solutions. Erectile dysfunction is a complex issue that involves one’s brain, hormones, emotions, nerves, blood vessels, and muscles. When erectile dysfunction becomes a big enough problem, many men will seek Viagra as a potential solution.

However, Viagra isn’t a cure-all for men and in this case, more and more men are using Trimix.

What is Trimix?

Trimix is a newer alternative to Viagra when it isn’t enough. Trimix is a more effective solution for men, but more men are currently still using Viagra due to it being more convenient as far as usage is concerned.

Trimix’s makeup comes down to three uniquely prepared combinations of three drugs which are alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine which will be covered in detail further down the article.

Trimix must be created and distributed by a pharmacist since it’s customized and formulated for each specific patient’s physiological makeup. Trimix serves as a viable alternative to the PDE5 inhibit tablets along with being ideal for those men who haven’t had good experiences with Cialis or Levitra.

Trimix is a unique option for those suffering from erectile dysfunction and it’s often stated to be the most effective non-surgical measure that one can use. Also, it’s important to know that Trimix can be administered as a gel or an injection.

The Benefits of Trimix

When most people think of medications, especially ones that are administered through an injection, the first thought that comes to mind is “what are the side effects”? What makes Trimix unique and effective is the vast benefits that it possesses such as being safe and completely reliable, fast-acting leading to longer-and-more pleasurable erections, not being drowned out by alcohol consumption, and is an affordable option.

Trimix Helps Up To 90 Percent Of Men Achieve Erections

It’s one thing to take a substance and hope it works and another to consume it with certainty. When it comes to Trimix, men who take it can almost certainly expect to achieve an erection due in large part to the compound Alprostadil (which makes up a third of Trimix).

Trimix Has A Safe And Painless Administration

While Viagra may be the easier and more convenient option for erectile dysfunctioning, Trimix, as we already mentioned can be a much more effective option for treating erectile dysfunction. Individuals who choose the injection can expect it to feel like a small prick and nothing more than that. It may be more cumbersome to get going and maintain, but the tradeoff is a highly effective and quick solution to your problem.

Trimix Works Faster Than Taking Pills

Besides not having to take pills, Trimix is a triple threat since it uses three compounds and that makes it more effective and potent than the other options.

Trimix is going to work much quicker because it’s being sent to a localized area of the body and essentially gets to skip steps since it’s not having to be ingested orally like the pills.

Trimix works through dilating your penises smooth muscles, then increasing the arterial blood flow to your penis, and lastly restricting the outflow of your blood leading to a strong erection taking place.

Trimix can work in as little as 15 minutes for most individuals whereas Viagra takes around 1 hour to start working.

How Should I Use Trimix?

Unlike Viagra, Trimix isn’t affected by alcohol or foods which means you don’t have to take it so far ahead of schedule as you would with Viagra or similar compounds. Also, as briefly mentioned earlier in the article, Trimix is available as both an injection and as a gel. This is useful since you’ll have options for how you want to consume it.

How To Use The Trimix Injection

Trimix should be administered a few minutes prior to beginning foreplay since the average time is around 15 minutes before an erection sets forth.

It’s also worth mentioning that you should never double or take extra doses of this compound.

As far as how the process goes, Trimix is simply injected into the penis using a finely-gauged needle. You can inject from a number of locations on the penis. However, most are administered from the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions of the penis since that will ensure that you injected directly into the corpus cavernosum.

How To Use The Trimix Gel

There’s a high percentage of men out there who aren’t too keen on using penile injections for a solution. The good news is that the Trimix gel is just as effective as the injection is.

The only difference is no needle is involved and the active ingredients have been lyophilized (dry freeze) into powder form. You would simply mix the powder with the medicated gel at the time of use and then apply it at the tip of the penis.

How Much Trimix Should I Use?

When it comes to the administration for both the injections and the gel dosage, your prescribed medication will be customized according to your specific needs. However, with that said, there is a typical range that is used often times along with a standard protocol that users should follow.

Trimix Injection Dosage

As mentioned, the dosage of someone’s Trimix is ultimately going to come down to their particular body and their medical professional’s recommendations. But typically, the initial dosage of Trimix being injected is around 0.05cc to 0.2cc and this is mostly predicated on the severity of the person’s erectile dysfunctioning.

A typical recommendation is to wait for at least 48 hours before you increase your dosage. After that, the standard across the board has been to increase around 0.025cc to 0.05cc until you reach your desired level.

Lastly, the doses are kept low in order to avoid prolonged erections so don’t quit after a few times if you aren’t getting your desired results.

Trimix Gel Dosage

As is the case with the injection, your dosage is ultimately going to be based on your physician’s specific orders. These instructions will be printed on the label from the pharmacy and are likely expressed in a range. The gel is available in a 2,000mcg dose.

It’s a great idea to start with a low dose and gradually go upwards on the subsequent uses to find your most effective dosage.

What Are The Ingredients of Trimix?

Trimix is a powerful solution due it consisting of a triple threat of ingredients which are alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine.


This compound is also called Prostaglandin. This substance brings forth an erection by relaxing the penises blood vessels while simultaneously dilating the cavernosal arteries. Joining along this process is an increase in arterial inflow which will bring more blood into your penis while serving as a resistance to the outflow of blood leading to increased blood retainment.

There has been data which has suggested that 40 to 70 percent of erectile dysfunction patients respond favorably to this drug.


Since papaverine is a nonsterile vasodilator, you can expect it to facilitate the expansion of your blood vessels. In regard to erectile dysfunction, it’s going to assist with the flow of blood to your penis. This medication was one of the first successful treatments for erectile dysfunction that was administered through injection of the penis.


Similar to the other ingredients, Phentolamine is going to help induce an erection by relaxing and dilating the blood vessels of the penis while elevating cardiac output.

Does Trimix Have Any Side Effects?


As with any sort of medication, there are possible complications and issues that could arise. Two of the more obvious ones being if someone is significantly overweight or doesn’t possess good manual dexterity. With that said, there are a handful of other potential side effects that are worth considering.

Incorrect Injections

Sometimes someone can inject themselves and not feel anything. In this instance, the person is either new to the injections or simply hasn’t injected themselves effectively. In either case, the reasoning is usually the result of the injection being too shallow, too deep, or improper dosage administered.

In terms of problems, this is one that is easily resolved.


Whether it’s a shot in the arm or glutes, there’s a little pain associated with any type of injection. Luckily, the targeted area of the penis for this treatment doesn’t possess as many nerve endings so the pain will be minimal.

If you’re still worried about pain, some users have been known to use topical anesthetic creams and jellies to alleviate the process.


The greatest chances of this occurring are if you inject at an incorrect location or angle. In this process, there is a possibility that you’ll hit a tiny blood vessel inside the penis and then you’ll notice some drips of blood once you remove the instrument from the muscle.

After 5 minutes or so of pressure, the bleeding will stop in most cases. However, don’t engage in sexual intercourse until you stop bleeding.


This is extremely rare and if this does occur, it’s most likely stemming from a hygienic issue. Therefore, it’s imperative to keep your penis clean and as a precautionary, use alcohol swabs or something similar before using your injections.


In an extreme rarity, often stemming from too large of a dose, you may experience a priapism which is simply a painful and prolonged erection that extends hours beyond sexual stimulation.


This rarity has only occurred in 3 to 8 percent of men using these Trimix injections. This issue is an abnormal curvature of your penis that is the result of scar tissue building up inside your penis.


This has a potential chance of coming to fruition if you’re making injections more than twice a week. It’s with this in mind that medical professionals don’t advise you to inject more than two times per week.

On another note, the rare side effect of getting Peyronie’s disease, which is scar tissue accumulating inside the penis can occur. This becomes an issue since it’ll reduce blood functioning and flow. With that in mind, alternate sides for your penis injections each time.

Negative Interactions With Other ED Drugs

Using Viagra or similar treatments combined with Trimix isn’t a good idea. Using both of these treatments at the same time could increase the risk of extremely painful erections.

How Much Does Trimix Cost?

While Viagra is known to be expensive, using Trimix is going to be a much more economically feasible option. For example, a 10 cc bottle of Trimix will typically cost anywhere from $70 to $100. If your required dose is 0.15 cc per usage, then that’s good for around 67 erections.

Should You Use Trimix?

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and powerful solution to your erectile dysfunctioning, then using Trimix is a no-brainer. Provided you follow the directions given, Trimix is a much safer option as well since it’s not going to have those side effects that are associated with Levitra and Viagra.

If you’re thinking about using Trimix, it’s extremely important to be conscious of your previous use of any other potential erectile dysfunction solutions since use in combination will lead to painful side effects.

Nevertheless, if your system is clear of any other medications, then giving Trimix a try is definitely worth it.

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