Vacuum Pump for ED- Info and FAQs

Do penis pumps really work? This is a question that almost every man who has seen adverts on how to get a bigger penis using these pumps has asked himself at least once. While for most people it is all about vanity and trying to impress the ladies, for others, it is more than that; it is about curing erectile dysfunction. Granted, that is also mostly about impressing the ladies but think of the other issues that come with ED:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Stress
  • Irritability
  • Infertility in some cases

The point is that when it comes to ED,other factors come into play as opposed to just being able to say that you are smuggling 9 inches of steel in your pants! So, do penis pumps really work?

The Case for Vacuum Constriction Devices

The short answer to whether or not penis pumps (also known as “vacuum constriction devices”) work is YES. In fact, there was a report published on “The Journal of Urology” by the American Urological Association that shows vacuum constriction devices work well in cases where drugs such as Viagra have been found to be ineffective. The report went on to say that the only problem and the main reason why more men aren’t using vacuum pumps to combat ED is that the use of penis pumps isn’t exactly a widely accepted practice within our society.

What You Need to Know About Vacuum Pumps for ED

What is it about vacuum pumps for ED that is so controversial? To understand that, you need first to understand how the penis pump works. The device itself consists of a pumping mechanism attached to an acrylic tube. To operate it, the person using it can either squeeze a ball, a plunger,  or a hand grip, or if they have a more advanced version, simply turn on the electric device.

The device is designed to pump air out of the tube,and as this happens, the resulting vacuum forces more blood flow into the man’s erectile tissue. Once his penis has enough blood, he slides a “constriction ring” at the base of the penis to keep the blood where it is and maintain the erection. They then remove the tube and get on with their business.

However, there have been reports that these vacuum erections do not feel like the real thing. In fact, some participants have described them as semi-flaccid and spongy. Some have even said that they are cold and numb sometimes. That, however, does not change the fact that this method has received a high rate of satisfaction among those suffering from ED.

FAQs About Vacuum Pumps for ED

To dispel any myths that might surround the use of vacuum pumps for ED, here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the subject matter:

How do vacuum constriction devices really work?

When a man is aroused, there is typically a rush of blood flow to his penis which causes it to get hard and erect. The vacuum constriction device duplicates that process. A man uses it by placing his penis into the device’s vacuum cylinder and applying a gentle negative vacuum with the use of a battery or manually operated pump. This negative vacuum created draws more blood into the penis’s erectile tissue thus creating an erection. This blood is then kept in place with a specially designed tension ring that the man transfers from the pump to the base of his penis. This ring can hold the man’s erection for up to 30 minutes – even through ejaculation.

You are, however, advised NOT to keep the ring on for more than the recommended 30 minutes.

Do vacuum penis pumps really work?

Do vacuum penis pumps really work

Yes, these penis pumps do work and are approximately 90% effective. When failures to occur, they are often due to improper use of the vacuum pump.

What do I do if the device isn’t working for me?

As already mentioned, most failures come about as a result of improper use. Some of the main issues could be that you are using the wrong kind of lubrication or that you are very sensitive to the pressure created by the vacuum; so much so that it makes the entire process very irritating or even painful.

Other issues may be that you don’t give the device enough time to work. You are advised to try using more lubrication and gradually increase the vacuum level as maintaining the same degree become ineffective after some time. The trick is to pump the device to the maximum tolerable vacuum level and hold until your penis is fully engorged before sliding the tension ring on; this may take a few minutes.

Can I combine vacuum penis pumps with other forms of ED therapy?

Yes, you can combine the vacuum penis pump with other forms of therapy for erectile dysfunction. In fact, it is encouraged to use it in conjunction with supplements, injections, and oral medication as your doctor sees fit.

Are vacuum penis pumps covered by insurance?

Thisgreatly depends on the insurance company covering you. Some cover vacuum constriction devices and others do not. For the most part, however, you will need a letter from your physician saying that you need a vacuum penis pump and most insurance companies will consider putting it under durable medical equipment. In some cases, you might have to get a written receipt that you can use to get a reimbursement from your insurance company.

What are some of the dangers that come with using a vacuum penis pump?

As already mentioned you need only to pump the device to the highest tolerable vacuum level. Exceeding that level could cause you pain. Additionally, you should NOT keep the tension ring on for more than 30 minutes as the blood in your penis is essentially cut off from the rest of your body and needs to return to normal circulation within 30 minutes. People with conditions such as sickle cell should consult their doctor before using a vacuum constriction device.

Yes, the vacuum penis pump does work for ED,but as is the case with almost every form of therapy, it needs to be carried out as per the instructions of your physician.