Weak Erection: 7 Things Your Weak Erection Is Telling You

Getting a weak erection isn’t something to worry about. This is very common, and finding the reason why your erection is weaker than normal and affecting your sexual intercourse is the first step to solving the problem. But don’t worry—it can be fixed!

A weak erection is definitely telling you that something is up, but it’s up to you to figure out just what is wrong. Obviously, every man has a different obstacle he’s up against but there are some common issues that may cause a weak erection. It could be something serious like high blood pressure, heart disease, a lack of blood flow, high cholesterol, or damaged blood vessels that is causing your erectile problems, but it is usually something far simpler that causes the little problem in the bedroom. In this article, we’ll cover the main seven reasons that could cause a weak erection.

Your Testosterone Levels May Be Low

If you’ve been experiencing a weak erection along with a loss of libido, you may have low testosterone levels. But, don’t worry, this is actually pretty common and can stem from a ton of different reasons. However, it is important that you go talk to your doctor about your issues, as your doctor is the only one who can accurately test your testosterone levels. Get your blood work done and talk to your doctor to figure out just where you, specifically, stand.

Low testosterone levels can happen from lack of sleep, old age, and by not eating the healthiest of foods. While there are natural ways to boost your testosterone levels to where they use to be, always consult your doctor first.

You Might Be Stressed

Stress is killer—especially when trying to perform in the bedroom. If you’ve been having trouble “getting it up,” this may be the number one reason why. In fact, younger men who experience weak erections tend to find their reason is psychological and many find that it is stress-related.

Think about everything in your life. Have you been abnormally stressed in the last few days or weeks? When you have sex, is your mind unable to concentrate on the task at hand and is instead thinking of work? Stress is definitely a mood killer and could be the reason why you’ve been having trouble.

If you can’t find any stress-related situation in your life, you might want to look at your current relationship. A study published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease found that stress in a relationship can affect sex and erections much more than stress from outside of the relationship.

You Might Not Be Drinking Enough

You Might Not Be Drinking Enough

You’ve heard how red wine is good for your heart. Well, alcohol (in moderation) can be considered good for your penis and sex life, too. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that men who drink often, yet in moderation, actually are less likely to experience erectile dysfunction than men who don’t drink at all or men who don’t drink anymore.

However, this should be taken lightly, as there hasn’t been that many studies that fall in line with the most published study. And, of course, drinking excessively doesn’t help your overall health! That said, if you like to have a beer after work more often than not, we’re not telling you to stop! Just make sure that one beer doesn’t turn into six.

You Might Be Drinking Too Much

While one beer a night may be fine, excessively drinking daily is not. Of course, this isn’t new. It can be very hard for men who drink a lot to perform at all, so a continuous drinking habit would really ruin the chances of a good night. If you’ve been drinking a lot lately, maybe consider toning it down to find out if it helps or not. Plus, cutting down on your drinking could also be really beneficial to your overall health.

You Might Need to Lose Weight

Overweight men tend to experience more issues in their sex lives than men who are of average, normal weight. This is because obesity can lead to unstable hormones, which, in turn, affect your erections. Obesity is also commonly linked to diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, all of which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is very important and vital to keeping a healthy sex life. Working outand eating healthily can help fix any problems you’ve been having in the bedroom, as well as with your overall health.

You Might Be Nervous

If this isn’t the first time you’ve been unable to get a hard erection, this could unknowingly lead to performance anxiety, which is a very real and very common situation that many men—especially younger men—face. To get over this performance anxiety, if you don’t or can’t (because you can’t afford it) go to therapy, try going to the gym and workout out the anxiety and stress. Doing yoga or going for a run also really help with this.

Talking about your nerves with your partner also helps. While it’s always an embarrassing and nerve-wracking thing to discuss, it really helps to talk it over, laugh it off, and move on. You’ll thank yourself in the end when you no longer have performance anxiety or a weak erection.

Your Medications Might Be to Blame

This one is a biggie, as so many people don’t realize that the medications they are taking can have very real, sometimes really horrible, side effects. Having a weak erection could very well turn to full-blown erectile dysfunction if you continue taking medication that has this side effect.

Many anti-depressants, hair loss medications, muscle relaxers, and blood pressure medication can actually cause erectile dysfunction. Of course, you should always talk to your doctor if you’ve been having this issue and you think it’s because of your medication. Neverstop taking prescribed medication unless you talk to your doctor and gain their expert advice first.

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing erectile problems like a weak erection but it’s nothing too major to freak out about. These can be reversed, as long as you find out just what is holding you back from obtaining a harder erection—and getting on with that intimate sexual intercourse you and your partner have been missing in the bedroom. If none of these suggestions line up with the issues you have specifically been facing, you should always go to your doctor and let them know of your situation.