Onnit: A Review of its Supplements, Products and Academy

Over the course of the past decade, companies have come and gone in the world of fitness and supplements. But one has taken the lead in popularity and you can say is the uncrowned champion in this department. Its name is Onnit. If this does not sound familiar to you, then sit back and pay attention to what you are about to learn. There is a lot to wrap your brain around and they have so many offerings that you just might be adding something to your daily regimen by the time you’re done reading

An Overview of Onnit

Onnit was started with humble beginnings in 2010 by Aubrey Marcus. Over the past 8 years, this company has quickly soared to over $28 million in yearly revenue and there is no stop in sight. What makes them so popular? Well, now you can say it’s brand recognition. But that’s not how it all started. First and foremost, they have a signature product called Alpha Brain that really put them on the map.

This gained them legions of fans and followers who would listen to their podcasts and spread the message to everyone they knew.

Much like an unattended wildfire, word got out quickly and a battery of products soon got released. One of which is a series of unique kettlebells fashioned with the imprints of gorillas on them. These appealed to the hardcore weightlifters and people involved with MMA.

And speaking of MMA, it doesn’t hurt that they have Joe Rogan as an advocate and spokesperson. He regularly name drops them on his very popular podcast and will have athletes on there as guests who are sponsored by Onnit. Lastly, according to Marcus, their whole concept is centered around optimizing human performance through the offerings of unique, nutrient-dense food and functional fitness equipment that benefit the body and brain in one fell swoop.

To put it simply, he wants to bring nutrition, supplementation and the proper ways of training together in one holistic package. Given the sales and loyal following of Onnit, this formula has obviously worked.

The Many Onnit Supplements

Various companies out there have only one signature product and maybe two or three to round out the side. But this is where Onnit takes it to a whole other level. They have a full array of products that are designed for everything from boosting energy to sports performance to enhancing recovery, improving libido and boosting brain function.

And one of the biggest added bonuses of these products is the fact that Onnit does not use artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. In fact, everything they put out in the marketplace is clean and created with all-natural extracts and ingredients. So you don’t have to worry about possible deleterious reactions.

Onnit Alpha Brain

It’s probably safe to say that Alpha Brain is Onnit’s most popular supplement. This is in the category of nootropics. If you have never heard of these, they are designed to help improve your mood, boost your cognitive function and give you better memorization skills.

Alpha Brain contains such ingredients as bacopa, cat’s claw, Huperzia Serrata and oat straw, which work synergistically to give you the best effect possible. It also contains vitamin B6, vinpocetine, and the amino acids L-tyrosine and L-theanine. And just for the record, you can also get Alpha Brain Instant, which is in the form of a powder. If capsules aren’t your thing, you can take a packet of this, add it to your water and drink it for a brain boost.

Onnit New Mood

Suffice it to say, there are a lot of people who have a hard time staying happy. A lot goes into this problem, but often times it boils down to lifestyle habits. Those who partake in an unhealthy diet, have a lot of stress and do not get a lot of sleep are the most prone to suffer from depression and anxiety.

New Mood is a supplement designed for this exact problem. It contains a blend of ingredients that aid the body in the release of serotonin. This is an all-important neurotransmitter that sparks feelings of relaxation and happiness and also improves sleep quality.

The key ingredients that do this include vitamin B6 and B3, magnesium valerian, L-tryptophan, chamomile, jujube seed and lemon balm extract.

Onnit MCT Oil

First of all, the acronym “MCT” stands for medium-chain triglycerides. These are found in coconuts, and they play a significant role in brain and body function. High on the list of benefits that come with MCT oil is its ability to give you energy—both physical and mental.

But this isn’t just any MCT oil. Onnit uses a special variety that comes from 100% coconuts, where other companies often cheapen their product by using palm oil. Aside from the high purity, MCT oil is rich in a healthy saturated fat called lauric acid. Besides its ability to help improve brain function, it is also a slow-burning fat, which gives you sustained energy. This is especially beneficial if you are adverse or sensitive to caffeine.

Other Onnit Supplements

The list of supplements that Onnit has to offer doesn’t stop there. They actually have quite a broad spectrum and you can say, there is something for everyone.

If you are looking to put on muscle, for example, they have a whole Performance collection that includes creatine, glutamine, a pre-workout formula and an ATP boosting product called Shroom Tech Sport. They also have multi-vitamins, gut health enhancers, immunity boosters, trace mineral formulas and a bone support product. All of which follow along with their high level of quality ingredients.

Onnit’s Full Product Line

Besides the supplements, Onnit has a whole other arm of offerings. Some of these products are ingestible while others are not. But the pride they take in ensuring that you get the best quality goods spreads across all domains. As their holistic philosophy shows, they have stuff that benefits you on the inside and out. The exterior options are in the form of garments and tools to make you stronger.

Onnit Foods

Aside from the MCT oil, Onnit has a whole collection of other food-grade options to choose from. Perhaps one of the most popular is protein powder. All serious and heavy-duty weight trainers know the significance and importance of protein.

It is actually the building block of muscle. Granted, a lot of these same dudes, blindly consume way too much, because your body only needs so many grams per day. But, it still makes a powder handy to supplement the diet with if you do not have a lot of time to prepare food. They have whey protein isolate, which is a fast-digesting protein powder and also protein bars.

Additionally, they have a product called Powerfood Active, which is plant-based and works well to give your body the nutrients it needs to function properly when training. Plus, it aids in recovery. If you like your meat, they have Elk Bars and Warrior Bars, which are made from Buffalo. These work well for people following a keto diet.

Lastly, you can find a handful of miscellaneous items in their catalog like nut butter, Himalayan salt, coffee, tea and Oatmega Bars, which contain omega-3 fatty acids. Much like MCT, these are healthy fats.

Onnit Apparel

The clothing doesn’t make the man or woman, but it is nice to look the part from time to time when you step into the gym. Or walk down the street for that matter. And Onnit has your back in this department—literally. They have a full array of long sleeve and short shirts, sports tops, shorts, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, and beanies for both men and women to enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you want to be warm or cool. There is something for everyone in the apparel line.

Onnit Kettlebells


As mentioned earlier, Onnit has these sick-looking kettlebells with grizzly faces on them. This is the Primal Bells collection, which is quite popular in a lot of circles. But they also have your standard bells available too if fancy isn’t your thing. These range in size from 4 to 48 kgs, in 4-kg increments. In case you don’t understand the metric system, 4 kgs are equal to 8.8 lbs. and 48 is equivalent to 105.6 lbs.

Other Onnit Fitness Items

Aside from kettlebells, there is no shortage of other training equipment by Onnit. You can easily set up an entire home gym with their products or just get one or two things to supplement your current workout space. They have barbells and plates, battle ropes, medicine balls, weighted vests, sandbags, steel maces, steel clubs, wooden Indian clubs and a special mace with a wood handle.

Onnit Review

Overall, Onnit is about as solid and legit as a company can be. They bring a positive message and vibe to the table that is hard to ignore. But there are a couple things you should be aware of that pertains to Alpha Brain. This may come as a surprise to you, but it will work better with people who have an unhealthy diet. That sort of goes against conventional wisdom, but here’s the deal.

People in this category are often deficient in some of the nutrients that are found in Alpha Brain, especially vitamin B6. If you eat high amounts of healthy fats, fruits, vegetables and good sources of protein already, then you are getting a good dose of B6. So, it won’t have as profound of an effect. This doesn’t mean it won’t work. It just won’t work too as high a degree as someone who has poor eating habits.

And it does seem ironic that if you eat well, you won’t get as good an effect. But on the other side of the coin, if you take care of yourself from the start, your brain will be functioning better anyway. So there really isn’t as much of a reason to reach for a bottle of Alpha Brain.

The Onnit Academy

Here’s what really separates Onnit from the pack. They have an entire education department called the Onnit Academy. If you were to go to their website and click on the link for this, you will be taken to a page that’s chocked full of articles and videos pertaining to supplements, nutrition, recipes, workouts and specific exercises. It is all high-quality stuff too. If you are a fitness freak, this is definitely the place you want to go for relevant information. Plus, they even have a free eBook written by Joe Rogan himself.

Onnit Academy Certifications

One more piece of interesting information about Onnit is they take education to a whole other level with their Onnit Academy Certifications. At the base of these is the Foundations certification. This is designed to get you headed in the right direction and build the skills necessary for the more advanced certifications. And there are no prerequisites needed for this course either. Just in case you were wondering.

Once you get the Foundations under your belt, you can then move on to a specialist course like battle ropes, steel clubs, steel mace, barbell, suspension or kettlebells. As far as cost goes, the Foundations course is about $500 while the specialty certifications are double this amount. And they are all two days long.

Where To Buy Onnit Products

The quickest and easting way to purchase Onnit products is by going directly to their website. But, you can also find them on Amazon and there is a store locator on their site. If you want to see their products in person, you can punch in your zip code and all the locations near you that carry their brand will pop up.
When in doubt, just head to Whole Foods or Sprouts as they both carry their line of goods.

Are There Any Onnit Coupon Codes?

Since their products are of such high quality, they are not cheap. But remember, you get what you pay for. That being said, it’s always nice to find coupons to lessen the blow to your wallet. Unfortunately, there are no coupons available currently. But don’t fret.

There are discount codes you can look up that will get you in the ballgame. Onnit actually has a subscription program that can get you 15% off of your purchases. All you have to do is commit to buying a product every month and you’re in. You can sign up on their website. Dealhack is another option worth looking into. They have a lot of promo codes set up that can get you small discounts on various products. But every little bit helps in the end.

Final Words on Onnit

If you are serious about reaching your health and fitness goals, and obtaining the body you’ve always wanted, Onnit is definitely the place to go to satisfy your needs. And aside from the fact that they have such a robust collection of offerings, you can also step up your game as a fitness professional if that’s your jam.