Our History

For over one hundred years, Highland Hospital, through four name changes and continuous expansion, has taken its place as one of the community’s leading medical institutions. In ensuing years between 1889 and today, a staff of learned medical practitioners, dedicated personnel and generous friends have brought Highland to its present standard of care.

And Along the Way…

Along the way, Highland Hospital has experienced the following milestones:

  • First hospital in the US to use insulin to treat diabetes. Dr. John Williams, chief of medicine at Highland for 30 years, gave the first insulin injection to the son of the chief legal counsel at Kodak.
  • First hospital in the US to use endocavitary radiation as an alternative to colostomy surgery.
  • First hospital in the US to establish a clinical chemical laboratory.
  • First in New York and third in the US to establish a Family Medicine training program.
  • First hospital in Rochester to allow fathers to be present in the delivery room.
  • First in Rochester to establish a health information center exclusively for women.
  • First in Rochester to offer a computerized physician referral service.
  • Today Highland is one of the busiest hospitals for births.

Over the past four years, Highland has experienced substantial growth. Inpatient volume has increased more than 100% since 1999. The emergency department volume has increased over 67% over the past six years.

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