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We strive to improve a patient’s life (including employment, driving and personal well-being) by identifying, in children and adults, their particular type of seizure, so we can develop an individualized medical and/or surgical treatment plan.


There are more than 30 different types of epilepsy and each has different treatment options. Correctly identifying the type of epilepsy is often complex and untangling its interwoven problems requires a team of experts. Each member of our faculty has extensive specialized training in epilepsy. They also have additional training in subspecialties, such as Neuroimaging, Sleep, Family Therapy, Clinical or Basic Research.

Multidisciplinary Team

Our team of Neurologists, Neuropsychologists, Neurophysiologists, Psychiatrists, Neurosurgeons, Nurse Practitioners, Social Workers, and Registered EEG Technologists meets at least three times each week to evaluate tests and develop treatment plans for our patients. Our psychosocial team is unique in the country.


Since our founding, we have evaluated over 4,000 patients and performed over 500 surgeries. We are the only Comprehensive Epilepsy Center approved by the New York State Department of Health outside of the metropolitan New York City area.

<em>The beginning of a very focal seizure the fourth line down emanating from a single contact of a subdural strip electrode located directly under the medial left temporal lobe Like many people with temporal lobe epilepsy medications did not completely control this patients seizures<em>

The Strong Epilepsy Center was founded in 1989 by two members of the Seizure Unit of Boston Children’s Hospital. Part of the Harvard Medical School, the Seizure Unit was the first comprehensive epilepsy center in the United States. Dr. Erba was at the Seizure Unit for twenty-four years and Dr. Burchfiel was at the Seizure Unit for nineteen years.


Using specialized equipment, our specialists perform and interpret tests that classify the type of seizures an individual patient experiences. Treatment programs can then be tailored to that patient’s particular needs.

Nationally Recognized

We were asked to participate in two national, multicenter research studies because of our high quality services. Periodically, we have external reviews of our program by other national experts to be sure our center retains its top quality service. We have consistently received high scores in these external reviews. The future for most patients with epilepsy is brighter than ever thanks to new techniques, new equipment, new drugs and improvements in other forms of treatment.

Make An Appointment

Appointments can be made by calling the Strong Epilepsy Center Clinical Office at 585-275-0698. You will need a referral from your physician and we must receive a copy of your medical records before an appointment can be arranged.

Where We Are Located

After an appointment is scheduled, you will receive a packet of information which includes a map and directions. The Strong Epilepsy Center is located within Strong Memorial Hospital.

Strong Epilepsy Center
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 673
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