Tests Performed During the Evaluation of Infertility


Clomiphene Citrate Challenge TestThis test can help us determine the best treatment option available to you. 
Endometrial BiopsyA small piece of uterine lining is removed to evaluate the quality of ovulation and the environment for embryo implantation. 
EstradiolA hormone made by the cells surrounding the egg. Estrogen levels increase as the egg matures. 
HysterosalpingogramAn X-ray to look at the uterus and fallopian tubes. A cannula is placed in cervix through which dye is injected.Asrm.orgMedem.com
Post-Coital TestTest to see whether the sperm survive well in the cervical mucous. It needs to be timed around the day of ovulation. Healthbanks.com 
Saline Sonohystogram (SSH)This procedure is used to determine if there are any abnormalities of the uterine cavity that could interfere with pregnancy. 
Semen AnalysisMicroscopic exam of semen to determine sperm number, shape(s) and movement characteristics.Healthbanks.com
UltrasoundEchoes are used to visualize the uterus and ovaries. Often used to monitor ovulation induction and IVF cycles.Healthbanks.com
SonohysterogramUltrasound study in which a salt water solution is placed in the uterus to look for irregularities in the cavity.Medem.com
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