Ewing’s Sarcoma

Ewing’s Sarcoma is part of a group of cancers referred to as the Ewing’s Family of Tumors (EFT). This group of cancers affects the bones, but can spread into the soft tissue cells surrounding the bones. This group of cancers most commonly occurs in teenagers, but can occur in younger children and in young adults.

Risk Factors of Ewing’s Sarcoma

Currently there are no known causes for Ewing’s sarcoma. However, researchers have identified the following risk factors:

  • Age. Most commonly occurs in children age 10-20 (64% of all cases)
  • Sex. Occurs more often in boys than in girls
  • Race. Most commonly occurs in white children; rarely ever in African American or Asian children

Common Symptoms of Ewing’s Sarcoma

  • Bone pain or tenderness
  • Stiffness
  • Painful or painless lump on the trunk, possibly warm to the touch
  • Fever

This symptoms may be indicative of cancer or other, less serious problems. If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, consult with your child’s doctor.

Diagnosing Ewing’s Sarcoma

If symptoms are present, your child’s doctor will perform a physical exam and possibly prescribe additional tests to find the cause of the symptoms. Additional tests may include:

Treatment Options for Ewing’s Sarcoma

If cancer is diagnosed, your child’s doctor will work with you and your child to develop the best treatment plan to meet your child’s needs. This plan will be based upon the type of cancer, stage of the cancer (how far it has progressed), as well as your child’s age and general health.

Treatment options for Ewing’s sarcoma include:

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