About Us

Welcome to the Strong Heart and Vascular Center’s Division of Vascular Surgery, where we diagnose and repair damaged or diseased blood vessels—arteries and veins. Our physicians work on vessels throughout the body to:

  • Remove blockages
  • Bypass diseased arteries
  • Replace or bolster weak, aneurysmal arteries

Without treatment, vascular disorders often lead to serious problems, such as stroke or heart attack. With treatment, adequate blood flow is restored to the vessels, reducing the risk of further complications. No matter what your diagnosis or recommended treatment, know that you will receive expert, individualized care.

Our Team

Our internationally renowned vascular specialists are trained in the diagnosis, management, critical care and surgical treatment of patients with vascular disease. Many innovative therapies are carried out jointly by specialists from Vascular Surgery and Vascular Radiology, making the Strong Heart and Vascular Center a leader in integrating these specialties. Often, our vascular surgeons also work with specialists in cardiovascular disease and neurology, providing a multidisciplinary approach to your care and the best treatment possible.

The Division of Vascular Surgery treats the full range of arterial and venous (artery and vein) disorders and our physicians are committed to providing you with individualized, compassionate care in state-of-the-art treatment facilities.

Our Mission

To provide the finest clinical care to all patients
To improve our ability to care for our patients through clinical and basic science inquiry
To advance the ability of others to provide patient care through education
To support innovation, invention, and investigation in the sciences

Strong Memorial Hospital Vascular Surgeons

Highland Hospital Vascular Surgeons

Finger Lakes Vascular Surgeons


The Division of Vascular Surgery offers three Rochester-area facilities and a regional location in Newark, NY. More about our locations for treatment

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