Center For Lifetime Wellness

Working Out and More!

An outstanding wellness program developed by the University of Rochester and Monroe Community Hospital, the Center for Lifetime Wellness helps build healthier lifestyles for men and women age 50 and over. We offer services on-site at Monroe Community Hospital in Rochester, N.Y. and off-site at interested businesses and organizations in upstate New York

For a free two-week trial membership to the Fitness Center, call 585-760-6600.

Teaching and Education for Assessment and Treatment

At The Center for Lifetime Wellness, we strive to provide access to information that will help members reach their personal wellness goals. We can train your staff or work directly with your clients ourselves. Customized fitness assessments and health screening protocols for individuals, special populations, and organizations are our specialty.

Achieving Personal Fitness Goals

With a state-of-the-art fitness facility that’s fun, safe, and comfortable to use, we customize each member’s fitness agenda. In addition to plans for working out, we develop weight management, stress reduction, memory improvement, and nutrition programs for each person. By personalizing their approach, members keep their fitness ambitions on track. Our staff is certified and experienced in assisting members with arthritis, heart conditions, artificial joints, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic back pain and other conditions. Click on the links for more information about the Center’s fitness and exercise programs and its diet and nutrition programs.

Managing Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions and diseases don’t have to keep you from reaching your goals. Ambulatory people with physical and functional challenges–and organizations that serve them–can greatly benefit from the services offered at the Center for Lifetime Wellness. One-on-one, one-hour consultations with experts in specific areas are available for a $50 fee ( $85 for a double consultation).

Offering Physician Support

Each member brings his or her physician’s written consent when joining. Our trainers and educators communicate with a member’s doctor whenever it’s advisable and since our center is located within a health care facility, we have access to medical support whenever necessary. The Center’s medical director, William J. Hall, M.D., assists in the development of our policies and programming.

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