Complete Cardiac Care For All Ages

Regardless of genetics or your lifestyle, you can take steps to fight heart problems. We can show you how.

We offer the most complete cardiovascular care around. From cholesterol management to bypass surgery, from pacemakers to cardiac rehabilitation, from at-risk fetal and newborn monitoring to individualized care for older adults, we can treat virtually any condition you have. In fact, we’re home to Western New York’s only Heart Transplant Program.

We provide the full spectrum of cardiac care including:

  • Prevention programs to help you reduce your risk of heart problems.
  • Risk assessment and early detection with virtually every cardiac diagnostic technique available today
  • The very latest in intervention and treatment options—from new drug therapies to complex surgeries
  • Recovery and rehabilitation programs to help ease the transition from hospital to home, speed your recovery and reduce your risk of recurrence

Confidence Counts

There’s no doubt about it. Your trust and confidence in the health care professionals you choose is a therapeutic plus.

Find out how we’ve become Rochester’s heart hospital:

Breadth of Services
Expert Credentials
Research and Learning
Specialized Facilities

Learn about the first cardiac case – a mitral valve repair – using robotic surgery technology.

Watch the video of robotic surgery at the Strong Heart and Vascular Center

Heart transplant patient, Larry Snyder, passed away on June 7, 2003 a result of a lung infection. The members of the Heart failure and Transplant team are greatly saddened by his death. During his time with us here at Strong Memorial Hospital, we came to know him not only as a patient but also as a good friend. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family.”

Read Larry Snyder’s story on the Democrat & Chronicle

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