Rochester Adolescent Maternity Program (RAMP)

The Rochester Adolescent Maternity Program is designed to provide specialized obstetrical care for pregnant teenagers ranging in age from thirteen to nineteen years old. This program is based upon a continuity of medical and social work services that start in the prenatal period and may continue until the child’s second birthday. Services include case management, counseling, advocacy, paraprofessional outreach, parenting skills training, and social activities that address intervention

Social work is an integral part of the RAMP multidisciplinary team. Social work services include:

  • Crisis intervention, including intervention in family and partner conflict;
  • Assessment and management of child abuse and neglect;
  • Counseling regarding the adjustment and decision-making involved in unplanned pregnancies;
  • Postpartum discharge planning to ensure a safe and appropriate discharge plan for the adolescent mother and infant.

If you are young mother and would like to access the RAMP services, please call 585-482-1666. We are located at 905 Culver Road, Rochester, NY.

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