Believe in Better Health Toolkit

This is your chance to be part of something big. People die everyday because they smoke, eat poorly, do not exercise regularly and abuse alcohol. To reach our goal, we must:

  • Improve the fitness of every man, woman and child
  • Get at least 6,300 smokers to quit every year
  • Put an end to obesity once and for all

We’ve developed tools to help you prevent illness and reduce your risk for disease. The Believe in Better Health Toolkit provides you with the resources that you need for a healthy lifestyle. These tools include:

What You Can Do

Be sure to use the tools as they become available. Be an advocate for healthy lifestyles and risk reduction. Be a part of something big…the healthiest community in America…one person at a time…starting with you.

printable pages (complete index of Believe in Better Health topics offered on this Web site with links to printable versions)

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