Department of Surgical Oncology

The Department of Surgical Oncology offers specialty surgical services for patients with solid organ malignancies. We use advanced procedures to treat patients with:

Our Surgical Oncologists

James P. Wilmot Cancer Center surgical oncologists are board-certified and have wide experience in treating all cancer types. Many of them are also involved in research to further our understanding of cancer and increase its curability.

Our surgical oncologists are listed below both alphabetically and categorized by condition.

Each physician has a particular interest or expertise in treating one or more of the following conditions.

Brain Cancer
Webster Pilcher, M.D., Ph.D.
Robert Bakos, M.D.
Paul Maurer, M.D.
Curtis Nelson M.D., Ph.D.
Cargill Alleyne, M.D.
Rafael Allende, M.D.
Thomas Rodenhouse, M.D.
Howard Silberstein, M.D.
Breast Cancers
Carl Andrus, M.D.
Ann Olzinski, M.D.
James Peacock, M.D.
Kristin Skinner, M.D.
Breast Reconstruction
Marie N Frankel, M.D.
Howard Langstein, M.D.
Stephen Vega, M.D. 
Head and Neck Cancers
John D. Norante, M.D.
Craniofacial Reconstruction
John Girotto, M.D.
Thomas Rodenhouse, M.D.
Howard Silberstein, M.D.
Esophageal Cancer
Jeffery H. Peters, M.D.
Thomas Watson, M.D.
Colorectal Cancers

David Krusch, M.D.
James Peacock, M.D.
Jeffrey H. Peters, M.D.
Daniel Raymond, M.D.
Rabih Salloum, M.D.
Luke Schoeniger, M.D., Ph.D.
Jenny Speranza, M.D.
Thomas Watson, M.D. 
Oncologic Reconstructive Surgery
Timothy Doerr, M.D.
Lung Cancer
Thomas Watson, M.D.
Daniel Raymond, M.D.
Prostate Cancer &
Oncology (adrenal,
bladder, kidney, penile,
prostate, testicular, urethral)
Edward Messing, M.D.
Jean Joseph, M.D.
Erdal Erturk, M.D.

Pediatric Urologic Cancers
William Hulbert, M.D.
Robert Mevorach, M.D.
Ronald Rabinowitz, M.D. 
Orthopaedic Cancers
Edward J. Fox, M.D.
Regis J. O’Keefe, M.D.
Randy N. Rosier, M.D.  
Pediatric Surgical Oncology
Walter Pegoli, Jr., M.D.
George T. Drugas, M.D.
Mary Santos, M.D.
Skin Cancers
Marc Brown, M.D.
Timothy Doerr, M.D.
Jennifer Cooper, M.D.
Skin Reconstruction
Timothy Doerr, M.D.
Skull Base Cancers
Cargill Alleyne, M.D.
Thomas Rodenhouse, M.D.
Timothy Doerr, M.D.
John Norante, M.D.

Our Locations

We treat patients in two locations. Depending on their unique circumstances, a patient may be evaluated at either one of our sites and surgery performed at another location if needed.

Making An Appointment

If you’re a new patient and would like to be treated at the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center Department of Surgical Oncology or consult our faculty physicians for a second opinion, you or your physician can call us at 1-866-4 WILMOT or 585-275-5830. Or, use our secure request an appointment form.

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