University Sports Medicine Center

What if you could get back in the game faster?

From shin splints to a torn ligament, our specialty-trained physicians and therapists have one goal–getting you back in the game quickly and safely.

We Can Help

University Sports Medicine offers the full scope of critical resources for treatment and care of sports injuries–all under one roof. Our focus on sports medicine has allowed us to become real experts in the field. In fact, we are the preferred sports medicine provider to 18 high schools, 4 colleges, and 5 professional teams.

Our physicians, trainers and nurses have completed extensive training in a wide range of orthopaedic specialties with the goal of caring for both casual and competitive athletes of all ages.

For an appointment call University Sports Medicine at 585-275-7379 or Sports Therapy at 585-341-9150.

Request a non-urgent appointment online using our secure form.

Our services include:

  • An urgent care clinic and sports injury clinic for competitive athletes in need of injury evaluation
  • Treatment on Saturday during the fall playing season
  • Pre-participation and fitness evaluations
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Progressive, personalized medical and surgical treatments
  • Activity modification counseling
  • Brace and orthotic fabrication and fitting
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation services

Our objectives are to:

  • Use the most reliable, and least intrusive methods possible
  • Design a unique healing program for each individual
  • Restore strength, flexibility, range of motion and agility while reducing the risk of re-injury
  • Help you return to your sport faster and safer than you ever thought possible
  • Insure that an injury today doesn’t become a more serious condition in the future

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University Sports Rehabilitation
120 Erie Canal Park
Suite 310
(585) 225-6296

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