What is a Pacemaker?

The pacemaker system is made up of two parts – the generator and the leads. The pacemaker generator constantly monitors your heart for the electrical signals that keep your heart beating. If no signals are detected within the programmed amount of time (chosen by your doctor and based on your condition), the pacemaker will send an electrical impulse to make your heart beat. The generator also contains the pacemaker’s battery, which generally needs to be replaced every 3-6 years.

The leads (or wires) connect the generator to the heart muscle, convey the heart’s electrical signals to the generator, and (when necessary) deliver electrical shocks to the heart. The leads are typically placed into the right side of the heart through veins in the chest area, under the collarbone.

What to Expect

The following information will help you to know what to expect when you receive your pacemaker:

Before Your Pacemaker Procedure

During Your Pacemaker Procedure

Care Following Your Pacemaker Procedure

Discharge Instructions for Pacemaker Procedure

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