Our Unique Approach

The Geriatric Fracture Center at Highland Hospital is the only facility of its kind that’s dedicated exclusively to the care of elderly patients who suffer fractures. There’s no other medical resource like it anywhere.

In the unfortunate event that you fracture a bone, consider yourself lucky to be living in the Rochester area. There is nowhere older adults can get better, faster, and more comprehensive fracture care than right here, close to home.

Innovative Treatment and Technology

Our program is the first of its kind in the United States and a model of success for the treatment of geriatric fractures. Through this comprehensive, interdisciplinary plan, world-class orthopaedic surgeons and geriatricians work together with you and other health care providers to provide an unsurpassed level of care—care that can help you return to your normal routines sooner and achieve new levels of mobility for injuries that at one time could have been permanently disabling.

Early Intervention, Comprehensive Care, Better Outcomes

Since early surgical intervention is often critical to a patient’s recovery, we’ve developed special protocols and procedures to ensure timely evaluation and treatment. This includes a streamlined admissions process that enables you to move swiftly through the emergency department or bypass it altogether and be admitted directly to the center.

Special Needs, Smart Solutions

At Highland Hospital, we have the newest technology available to repair fractures in the elderly. The staff orthopaedists are all skilled in the use of the newest implants available, allowing us to fix fractures that may not be repairable at another institution.

Beyond the injury itself, the program takes into account the many other factors that affect older patients. Our emphasis on coordination among orthopaedic specialists, geriatricians, nurses, physical therapists, social workers, other health care providers, and families and friends has resulted in more successful outcomes for patients.

Each patient is evaluated carefully so that our skilled orthopaedic surgeons can perform the most appropriate surgery for their circumstances. Specially trained geriatricians evaluate and manage medications and medical conditions in order to optimize surgical care and avoid many common complications. This collaboration between orthopaedics and geriatrics specialists is unique to the center and helps to ensure the most comprehensive and highest quality care.

Innovative Treatment and Technology

In most cases, the sooner a patient is mobile, the more successful his or her recovery will be. To help patients get out of bed shortly after surgery, we are employing new techniques to stabilize fractures and manage pain.

We offer the latest treatments, and we’re the only local hospital where the standard of care includes locking plate technology, which dramatically reduces the chances that a fracture repair will fail. Highland also offers a new hip-pinning procedure, which we helped to develop and test in clinical trials.

Expertise in Elder Care

Geriatricians, specialists in the medical care of older patients, evaluate and manage medications and medical conditions in order to optimize surgical care and avoid common complications. More geriatricians use Highland Hospital than all other area hospitals combined.

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