General Information

Nephrology services include:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis and therapy for all aspects of renal disease, including acute and chronic renal failure in children and adults
  • Consultative service for all aspects of renal disease, including proteinuria, hematuria, and nephrolithiasis
  • A full range of dialysis services for patients with kidney disease, including full care hemodialysis, self-care at Highland Hospital, peritoneal dialysis, inpatient/acute dialysis, and nursing home dialysis
  • Renal transplantation at Strong Memorial Hospital in conjuction with Surgery and Urology

Dialysis Services

At Strong Memorial Hospital call:


At Highland Hospital call:


At the Clinton Crossings Dialysis Unit call:


At the Highland Living Center call:


Contact Us

For Nephrology information call 585-275-4517.

For Pediatric Nephrology call 585-275-9784.

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