The University of Rochester Department of Neurology faculty are very active in basic, clinical, and translational research in a wide variety of neurological disorders. The Department currently ranks fifth in National Institute of Health (NIH) funding nationally. Many faculty also receive funding from other public funding sources, charitable foundations, and industry sponsors. Research projects include single-center studies performed locally and multicenter studies involving sites worldwide. In many cases Department faculty are leading these collaborative efforts as Principal Investigators, Steering Committee members, and Safety Monitoring Committee members. For specific research areas and projects, see listings on each subspecialty’s page.

The Clinical Trials Coordination Center (CTCC), a division of the Neurology Department, helps organize academic research consortia and implement investigator-led multicenter clinical research projects. Consortia currently running funded projects through the CTCC include the Parkinson Study GroupHuntington Study Group, Muscle Study Group, Multiple Sclerosis Cooperative Research Group, Dystonia Study Group, and others.

The Department is also committed to training the next generation of researchers. Robert Griggs, M.D. is the director of a NIH-sponsored post-doctoral fellowship in the Experimental Therapeutics of Neurological Disorders, and many faculty members serve as mentors in this program.

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