Why Have a PCP

So, Do You Really Need a Primary Care Physician? Really?

Yes, really. Even if your medical insurance provider doesn’t require it. When you establish a relationship with a primary care physician you are taking an important step in being responsible for your own well being.

Here’s Why. Primary Care Providers:

  • Take care of the total you. While a collection of specialists can each manage a portion of your care, a PCP is the only one who puts the complete picture together.
  • Partner with you for the long run. They know what’s normal for you and what’s not. They check your health regularly to catch problems early so they don’t escalate.
  • Can help you to be proactive about preventive behaviors.
  • Can care for more than 90% of your health problems.
  • Coordinate consultations and referrals to the right specialists.

And here’s one important suggestion. Get a primary care provider before you get sick. The relationship is too important to be rushed.

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