Dr. Scott MacRae and Zyoptix Customized Eye Surgery

Zyoptix™ System for Personalized Vision Correction (Customized LASIK)

When considering laser vision correction surgery, you want the best for your eyes: The best surgeon; The best care before and after treatment; and the best treatment system available.

For many patients, the treatment applied by the Planoscan™ treatment system of the Bausch and Lomb Technolas 217z excimer laser will provide excellent vision. One type of treatment however, isn’t right for everyone. Eyes are as individual as fingerprints and some patients have more complex vision problems than others. If your eyes have elevated levels of Higher Order Aberrations such as coma and spherical aberration, which are subtle optical imperfections above and beyond nearsightedness and astigmatism, you may benefit from treatment with the Zyoptix™ System for Personalized Vision Correction.

The leaders in Laser Vision Correction

Dr. MacRae and the StrongVision team helped to develop the Zyoptix customized LASIK system. We were one of three practices who performed the 340 eye US FDA clinical trial. In fact, the Zyoptix system is based on a patented technology developed by scientists at the University of Rochester’s Center for Visual Science. Dr. MacRae is an integral member of this research team. Our standard pre-surgical evaluation will assess your higher order aberrations and optical quality and will allow us to recommend Zyoptix customized LASIK if it is right for you. Our continued research with this system using daily input from our dedicated Data Analysis Team has improved our outcomes and led to the development of the revolutionary University of Rochester Nomogram advanced treatment planning software. Using the Rochester Nomogram, we have advanced surgery to a level where 97% of patients (nearly 95% of individual eyes) Dr. MacRae treats with the Zyoptix system see 20/20 or better without glasses after surgery. These are some of the best outcomes in the world. Currently the Rochester Nomogram advanced treatment planning software (provisional patent filed) is only available here at StrongVision. Surgeons other than Dr. MacRae will not have access to this system for another one to two years.

Results Table

University of Rochester results with the Zyoptix system compared to other laser systems on the market

The Zyoptix system allows Dr. Scott MacRae to create a precise map of both the inside and the outside surfaces each patient’s cornea, and using wavefront technology, gives him the ability to measure the unique imperfections within each patient’s optical system. These imperfections include higher-order aberrations, whose impact is noticeable under low-light conditions like driving at night, and contribute to visual disturbances such as reduced contrast sensitivity, glare or halos. Higher-order aberrations such as coma and spherical aberration are correctable only through wavefront-guided customized laser vision correction like that offered by the Zyoptix system. Dr. MacRae and the StrongVision team have proven that treatment of these subtle aberrations contributes to improved visual outcomes after laser vision correction surgery. The University of Rochester Nomogram takes into account not only the effect of these individual aberrations, but also the interactions between the aberrations. The patients treated with Zyoptix are four times more likely to report that their night vision is better than worse after surgery.

Who Benefits from Zyoptix?

Zyoptix customized LASIK may be appropriate for patients with naturally large pupils under dim light settings, patients with pre-existing night vision difficulties or problems driving at night, patients who have already had refractive surgery with quality of vision problems post treatment, or patients with pre-existing elevated higher order aberrations as determined at the pre-op evaluation. Zyoptix treatment is also an option for every patient with nearsightedness and/or astigmatism if their prescription is in the treatment range. Every patient seen at StrongVision is evaluated for potential treatment with the Zyoptix system.

Why is the B&L system better? Compare the results with other lasers.

Based on results from US FDA Clinical Trials and over 100,000 Zyoptix surgeries done around the world, the results with Zyoptix Customized Ablation have been outstanding.

  • 91.5% of patients had unaided vision of 20/20 or better (vision without glasses or contacts).
  • 70.3% of patients had unaided vision of 20/16 or better.

More than 94% of subjects maintained or improved from their best-corrected vision with glasses six months post-operatively.

Six months after surgery with the Zyoptix system:

  • 99.0% of subjects reported that they were moderately or highly satisfied with their results
  • 99.7% indicated improvement in quality of vision, of which more than 40% reported improvement in night vision while driving.

None of the patients in the clinical trial reported dissatisfaction with their vision after surgery. All of this data comes from the FDA approval study performed by Dr. MacRae and the StrongVision team. Our current results have been improved by our Data Analysis Team since FDA approval of the system in October of 2003.

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