Information for Coaches

Injury is one of those words you’d rather not have in your vocabulary. But, whether your athletes are practicing or playing, it’s always on your mind.

  • How can you prevent injuries from happening in the first place?
  • If an athlete is injured while training or during a game, what are the steps you must take?
  • How can you help an athlete return to play after an injury without risking reinjury?

Not all warm-ups are created equal

You know that warming up is the best way to prevent injury and improve performance. Learn about proper warm-up and stretching programs to help athletes maximize conditioning without suffering over-use injuries.When an athlete is injured, it’s important that coaches know about basic treatments.

Our first aid and treating abrasions and contusions tips provide a good foundation.

Proper reconditioning after injury is vital for all athletes. A sensible return-to-play program will save the athlete from the frustration of re-injury.

We’re proud to provide medical care to many area high schools, colleges and professional sports teams. For more information, call us at 585-275-7379.

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