Division of Cardiac Surgery

The Division of Cardiac Surgery at the Strong Heart and Vascular Center is proud of the resources and talents it offers to all patients requiring heart surgery.

We are the only group in Upstate New York which provides comprehensive care to all patients, both adults and children. Whether you’ve turned to us for cardiac surgery, you can rest assured you will receive the most skilled surgical treatment available today.

Cardiac (Heart) Surgery

The Division of Cardiac Surgery provides comprehensive cardiac care to all patients, from infants to adults. Our team of surgeons are committed to providing the best care in all of Upstate New York. Specialties include:

“They had given me a year to live…”

Tom Evancho struggled for years with heart failure. Now, with his heart supported by a heart pump, he’s able to watch his grandkids play ball again. To hear more of Tom’s story, visit MyStrongHeart.com and click on “Tom E.’s Story.”

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Cardiac Surgery – Adults

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

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