Cancer Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies involving people who want to improve treatments and prevention strategies for various conditions.

Clinical trials are categorized by condition. Please select a condition from the list below to view open trials. The number next to each trial indicates total number of open trials.

National Cancer Institute
Cancertrialshelp.orgBladder Cancer (3)
Brain Cancer (4)
Breast Cancer (8)
Cancer Prevention (2)
Head and Neck Cancer (1)
Kidney Cancer (1)
Leukemia (9)
Lung Cancer (7)
Lymphoma (10)
Malignant Melanoma (1)
Multiple Sites (1)
Myeloma (3)
Pancreatic Cancer (2)
Prostate Cancer (3)
Rectal Cancer (1)
Sarcoma (1)
Genitourinary (3)
Gastrointestinal (5)
BMT (Blood and Marrow Transplant) (6)
Liver (Hepatocellular and Billary Malignancies) (1)
National Cancer Institute-Sponsored Clinical Trials

For information on national cancer clinical trials, visit these sites:
National Cancer Institute
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