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General Information

Strong Behavioral Health provides a full range of psychiatric care for adults and children with mental and emotional disorders.

Behavioral Health Inpatient Services

Behavioral Health inpatient services are provided for adults, children, and adolescents, including geriatrics with psychiatric needs. Inpatient services are also available for individuals with MCIA (mental illness and chemical abuse disorders).

Information Desk for Inpatients585-275-3535
24-Hour Line585-275-7903

Addiction Psychiatry Program

Provides methadone and chemical dependency (CD) services, inpatient and partial hospitalization for MICA (mentally ill chemical abuse) patients.

Strong Recovery Addiction Psychiatry Program585-275-3161
Methadone Maintenance585-275-5489
Chemical Dependency Service585-273-4930
Partial Hospital (MICA)585-275-2869

Chronic Mental Illness

The Long Term Care Program provides health services for adults with severe mental illness. The Program consists of the University Service impatient unit at Rochester Psychiatric Center, and Strong Ties, an outpatient clinic located within the community.

Strong Ties Community Support Program585-275-0300
Psychiatric Emergency Department585-275-4501

Crisis Programs

Crisis Programs provided by Strong Behavioral Health include outpatient, short-term hospital observation, emergency, and mobile crisis services for patients in an acute mental health crisis. The Crisis Outpatient Service provides crisis intervention, individual therapy, case management, psychopharmacology and emergency evaluations.

Crisis Oupatient Services585-275-6535
Extended Observation Bed Service585-275-4501
Psychiatric Emergency Department585-275-4501
Rochester Community Mobile Crisis Team585-275-5151

Family Programs

Strong Family Therapy Service provides therapeutic and consultation services to individuals, couples, and families with a wide range of concerns. The program offers services for marital conflict, parenting challenges, sexual problems, blending families, grief and loss, domestic violence and coping with health problems.

Family Programs585-275-7101

General Psychiatric Services

General Psychiatric Services provide a full range of mental health services including: psychiatric evaluation, short-term individual and group therapy, family systems-oriented therapy, psychopharmacologic and case management.

Eating Disorders Treatment Service585-275-4202
Group Therapy Services585-275-8575
Psychological Testing for Adults585-273-5136
Psychological Testing for Children/Adolescents585-275-3521
Adult Outpatient585-275-3505
HIV Mental Health Service585-275-8419
Insomnia and Behavioral Health Medicine Service585-275-4901
Medicine in Psychiatry Service585-275-3548
Sexual Disorders Service585-275-3505

Geriatrics and Neuropsychiatry

A variety of geriatric and psychiatric services are available to older adults with Alzheimer’s disease, dementias and emotional behavioral difficulties. Services include inpatient, consultation and assistance with mental retardation/developmental disabilities.

Geriatrics and Neuropsychiatry Programs585-275-3571
Older Adults Services585-341-6626
Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities585-275-3587

Psychiatric Consultation

Psychiatric Consultation provides consultation and liaison services to Strong Health, ambulatory areas of the University of Rochester, general and specialty health care providers in the community, and primary care providers within their offices.

Psychiatric Services585-275-3592

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