Pediatric Nephrology

Kidney disease and hypertension are not uncommon conditions for children to face—but at Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong, our Division of Pediatric Nephrology has the expertise and technology to give children facing these conditions the medical care and compassion they need. We provide diagnostic and treatment services for infants, children, and adolescents with conditions such as kidney stones, congenital or acquired kidney disease, and hypertension (high blood pressure).

Our Pediatric Nephrology team works hand in hand with Pediatric Urology and Transplant Surgery to treat acute and chronic kidney failure (also referred to as renal failure) through surgery, dialysis, and kidney transplantation.

Pediatric Nephrology Clinic

The Pediatric Nephrology Clinic offers diagnosis and treatment of numerous conditions affecting the kidneys, such as hypertension, nephrotic syndrome, kidney stones, lupus nephritis, kidney failure (dialysis), and kidney transplant. Patients can be seen by appointment in the Ambulatory Center (AC-6) on Monday and Thursday mornings.

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Pediatric Nephrology

Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong
601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 777
Rochester, Ny 14642

Phone: 585-275-9784
Fax: 585-756-8054Clinic Hours: Monday and Thursday a.m. clinics

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When making a referral, please include copies of pertinent laboratory studies, urine tests, radiology studies, and referral letters.


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