It’s true, that in some cases, it’s difficult to talk about prevention in terms of urological conditions. For some conditions, more research is needed to help us understand their exact causes and appropriate preventative measures. For example, currently there are no known risk factors or preventative measures for adrenal cancer. We are deligently conducting research to help find cures and preventions for many urological conditions.

On the other hand, other conditions have very definite and in some cases preventable causes. For example, smoking is the number one preventable cause of bladder cancer, causing about half of all bladder cancer cases in the U.S. Obviously, stopping smoking is the most important measure anyone can take to help prevent this disease.

Remember the Golden Rule

“Eat a well-balanced diet, exercise and make sure you see your doctor regularly.” We’ve all heard it before, but there is no arguing the fact that following this rule can help you lead a longer and healthier life. It’s also important to make sure get regular screenings to help prevent certain conditions.

Find out what screenings and measures you should take by checking out the “Believe in Better Health Guidelines” for your age group.

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