Heart Transplant Surgery

Just when all hope is lost, heart transplantation brings you the light of hope. For when a heart is severely diseased and beyond repair, we can give you the chance to begin anew. It truly is the chance of a lifetime.

In a heart transplant operation, our surgeons replace a badly damaged heart with a healthy heart from a human donor.

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What the Future Holds

Right now, there is a worldwide shortage of human donor hearts. Unfortunately, that means you could have a long wait for your new heart. Find out more about the heart transplant process.

So, a big part of our job is to help you feel as comfortable and healthy as possible while you wait for a heart. Our researchers are working feverishly to develop a mechanical heart that works as well as a donated human heart.

For more information about organ registry and donation, check out:

Critical Care Transport

Everyday, paramedics face difficult challenges in transporting extremely sick patients between hospitals. To decrease potential risks for critically-ill cardiac, burn and trauma patients while en route, Strong Health has introduced a Critical Care Transport Service to the Greater Rochester region. This is a service for adult patients. Learn more about the Adult Critical Care Transport Service

Learn more about critical care transport service available for children

Who’s Eligible For a Heart Transplant?

In general, you become eligible for a heart transplant when:

  • All other medical procedures have failed to heal your heart
  • You are healthy enough to survive major surgery
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