When most people think about someone receiving treatment for heart disease, they picture that individual with an assortment of symptoms. Erase that image. Or keep it and just stretch it a bit – because heart disease doesn’t just happen in a heart beat. And, by the time you start to exhibit symptoms, a lot of damage may have already been done.

That’s why we apply the broadest of definitions to the word, “treatment,” and have focused our energies not only on medical and surgical interventions but also on risk assessment and preventive therapy.

Common Procedures For Heart Conditions

Doctors weigh a variety of factors in determining the best treatment for your individual circumstance. They range from lifestyle changes, such as increased exercise or weight loss, to drug therapy to innovative non-surgical and surgical procedures. Here are some of the most common procedures:

Non-surgical Procedures

Surgical Procedures

Whatever Your Need For cardiac care, we have an outpatient, inpatient and emergency service ready to help. View our quick list of Treatment Services

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