Krystel Huxlin’s Lab

Principal Investigator: Krystel Huxlin
B.Sc. (Med) 1991, University of Sydney, Australia
Ph.D., 1991, University of Sydney, Australia
Assistant Professor:

Department of Ophthalmology
Department of Neurobiology & Anatomy
Center for Visual Studies

Laboratory Overview

Our research goals are to further understanding of neuronal changes that are key to the recovery of visual functions after brain damage in adulthood, and to use this knowledge to develop therapeutic strategies that promote visual recovery following such damage.

A second avenue of research we are pursuing is intended to provide new insight into the biological causes of increased optical abberations of the eye following laser refractive surgery and other ocular manipulations. This knowledge is essential if we are to design and test intra- or post-operative strategies to prevent or correct such abberations following occular surgery

Dr. Huxlin’s Current Research Grants

Extramural Grants

 • 2006-2007: PI, Gustavus and Louise Pfeiffer Research Foundation grant, ” A Novel Method of Retraining and
Evaluating Vision After Stroke”

 • 2005: Robert E. McCormick Special Scholars Award from Research to Prevent Blindness

 • 2004-2009: PI, RO1 EY015836-01, Effect of Corneal Wound Healing on Ocular Optics After laser Refractive Surgery”

• 2001-2007: PI, Bausch & Lomb grant, “Developing an animal model to improve refractive surgical techniques and correct optical aberrations”

Intramural Grants

  • 2006-2007: PI, CEIS grant, “Developing a New Method for the Simultaneous Measurement of Optical and Biomechanical Changes in the Intraocular Lens During Accommodation”. Dr Geunyoung Yoon, Co-PI
  • 2006-2007: CVS/RCBI grant, “Training-induced Changes in Cortical Activation Following Visual Stroke in Humans – a fMRI study”
  • 2005-2007: PI collaborative grant from the Schmitt Program on Interactive Brain Research, Effect of Visual Training on Motion Perception after V1 Damage in Humans”. Drs. Mary Hayhoe, Deborah Friedman and Scott Burgin, Co-PIs

Teaching – Course Work

Integrative and Systems Neuroscience graduate course (ANA/NSC 532) – co-director with Tatiana Pasternak

  • Cellular and Anatomical Neuroscience Graduate Course (NSC 512)
  • Neural Plasticity in Learning and Development (BCS 508)
  • Neuroscience Graduate Student Seminar Series (NSC 503/504)
  • Neuroscience Graduate Student Graduate Student Journal Club (NSC 592)
  • Histology Component of the Human Structure and Function Course (HSF 100)
  • Process of Discovery (YFS 400)
  • Undergraduate Cognition (BCS 153)

Graduate and Undergraduate Advising

  • UR Independent Study-Research in Neuroscience: Jason Lyons (1998) Micki Flynn (1999) Tracy Price (2000-2001) Emily Brandon (2000-2004) Jennifer Williams (2002-2004) Katherine O’Brien (2003) Jane Tam (2004) Ferhina Ali (2005-2007)
  • CVS Summer Undergraduate Fellowship: Sarah Funderburk (2002) Hangutl Chung (2004) Karen Chan (2004) Alexander Townsend (2004) Amit Sangave (2005) Victoria Nutsch (2006)
  • McNair Summer Research Fellowship: Meng Lu (2003)
  • GEBS Summer Research Fellowship Program: Sarah Artrip (2006)
  • Undergraduate Thesis Advisor / Committee Member
    2006 – Ferhina Ali (thesis advisor)
    2005 – Stacey Polosky (thesis committee member)
  • Graduate Thesis Advisor / Committee Member
    2006 – Meghan Riley (Ph.D. thesis advisor)
    Krista Gigone (Ph.D. thesis advisor)
    Onanong Chivatakarn (Ph.D. thesis committee member
    Kyunwha Lee (Ph.D. thesis committee member)
    2005 – Meghan Riley (Ph.D. rotation advisor)
    2004 – Pushkar Joshi (Ph.D. Part 1 committee member)
    Karthik Vankatesh (Ph.D. Reading Course advisor, Part 1 committee member)
    Sarah Bliss (Ph.D. rotation advisor)
    2003 – Julie Heinrich (Ph.D. thesis committee menber)
    LuisaScott (Ph.D. thesis committee member)
  • Advisor for Medical Student Research Rotation Elective
    2005 – Ryan Bisbey
    2003 – Brad Feldman, Jorge-Christian Kirr
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