Heart Valve Repair

Valvular surgery is performed to repair heart valves that are blocked or narrowed (stenosis) or leaking (regurgitation). In most cases, our surgeons will seek to repair damaged heart valves instead of replacing them. This practice allows our patients to avoid the use of blood thinners and reduces their risk of infection.

In the surgery to repair a damaged valve, surgeons either loosen stiff valve leaflets or tighten loose valve leaflets.

Mitral Valve Repair

Mitral valve repair for mitral valve insufficency is a very common procedure. As with other types of valve surgery, mitral valves can be replaced with mechanical valves, tissue valves or homografts (valves from a human donor). More about mitral valve repair

We repair mitral and tricuspid valves using several techniques, including:

  • Annuloplasty – implanting an annuloplasty ring to support the mitral or tricuspid valve so that the leaflets come together properly
  • Chordal replacement and transfer
  • Quadrangular resection

Some valvular repair procedures may be performed using minimally invasive cardiac surgery.

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