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Strong Health offers a diversified team of board certified physicians and health care professionals to support an extensive array of cardiac services and programs.

Strong Health cardiac care is comprised of prominent cardiologists, all on the leading edge of technology and technique. They are experts in the accurate diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders of the cardiovascular system.

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All of our physicians have extensive educational training and many are fellowship trained. Today, they are still dedicated to medical education and are teaching the cardiac care specialists of tomorrow as members of the faculty of the University of Rochester Medical Center. Our physicians are board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) in Internal Medicine as well as in Cardiovascular Disease.

How the Years Add Up

(For your doctor to be board certified)

4 yrs medical school + 3 yrs internal medicine + 3 or more yrs cardiology = min of 10 yrs

4 yrs medical school + 3 yrs pediatrics + 3 or more yrs cardiology = min of 10 yrs

4 yrs medical school + 5 yrs general surgery + 2-3 yrs cardiothoracic surgery = min of 11 yrs

Add 4 additional years to the 11 yrs of a cardiac surgeon = min of 15 yrs

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