University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Description of Conferences

Grand Rounds Presentations

Special presentations are made by department faculty, residents, and invited guest speakers on a variety of urologic topics, with 1-2 presentations held each month.

Journal Club

Selective and in-depth discussions of a selection of articles selected by the chief resident and/or chairman from the Journal of UrologyUrology and other relevant journals. Residents are assigned an article and emphasis is placed on critical analysis of selected articles presented. Approved for CME, Category 1 credits.

Uro-Radiology Conference (Citywide)

Participation of urologists and uroradiologists from Strong Memorial Hospital, Park Ridge Hospital and Monroe Community Hospital. A selection of adult and pediatric cases are presented for discussion of diagnosis, management and appropriateness of additional diagnostic studies. Residents are actively involved and are asked to elaborate with regard to substantiating diagnoses and discussing further management. Conference is held once a month at Rochester General Hospital and the remaining weeks at Strong Memorial Hospital. Approved for CME, Category I credits.

Pathology Conference

A monthly didactic teaching conference in genitourinary pathology is conducted with the pathology staff, residents and fellows. The conference is designed to provide familiarity in all aspects of genitourinary pathology. In addition to formal didactic teaching, pathologic slides are reviewed in the context of a case based clinical scenario.

Quality Assurance Meeting

Reviews the quality of care rendered to Urology patients, mortality and morbidity statistics, number and types of surgeries performed, and a discussion of surgical complications, if any. Statistics and complications from the training program at affiliated hospitals are also reported and discussed. Additional presentations are made quarterly on selected topics related to quality improvement.

Indications Conference

The Urology staff meets weekly with the residents to discuss patient case histories and indications for surgery to follow in the next week.

Resident Review Conference

The chief resident assigns a specific urologic topic to the residents for presentation, which includes physiology, anatomy, clinical urology, congenital anomalies and related subjects. One full time faculty member is assigned to be present at each presentation.

Pediatric Urology/Nephrology Conference

Monthly joint conference attended by pediatric urology staff, urology residents, pediatric nephrology staff, fellows, and residents. Case-based discussion of areas of common interest. i.e. renal dysfunction in face of reflux, hydronephrosis, abnormal bladder dynamics, etc.

Urology/OB-GYN Infertility Conference

A monthly conference is held to present and discuss infertility cases that are either complex or involve both male and female factors. This conference facilitates a better understanding of the options each specialty has to offer to benefit patient care.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Conference

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Conference is held once each week on Wednesday afternoons. The Urology Outpatient Department has specialized video CMG/EMG equipment that is used for neurogenic bladder assessment. The management of these complex patients with neurogenic bladder, sexual and reproductive dysfunction is made easier because of this interdisciplinary approach with Physical Medicine. This is an optional conference for residents at Strong Memorial Hospital to attend.

Andrew J. Kirch Center for Physical Disabilities

The Andrew J. Kirch Center is a multidisciplinary clinic caring for pediatric patients with multi-system defects. The urologic problems encountered primarily include incontinence and renal dysfunction secondary to myelomeningocoele. Clinical case material on pediatric problems receiving attention in the clinic may be discussed at the Uro-Radiology conference. Drs. Hulbert and Rabinowitz attend this clinic along with providers from Neurology, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Social Work and Pediatrics.

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