Frank and Caroline Gannett Emergency Center

The Frank and Caroline Gannett Emergency Department is the region’s largest and most modern emergency facility. This 55,000-square-foot facility that handles more than 96,000 visits per year has been designated by the New York State Department of Health as a Level One Regional Trauma Center.

The new ED, which just opened it’s doors in March of 2001, was designed to aid in the delivery of rapid care for adults and children.

  • The 3,200-square-foot Kessler Regional Trauma Unit
  • New technologies and equipment are helping make it possible for trauma teams to save the most critically ill and injured patients.
  • An urgent care Family Express facility
  • A Clinical Decision Unit
  • A Transition Unit
  • And, because we understand that children have very different physical and emotional needs with regard to emergency care, we have built a dedicated Children’s Emergency Department with a private waiting room.

The ED is conveniently located right next to the main entrance of Strong Memorial Hospital. There is also a 39-slot parking lot in front of the entrance for use by:

  • Patients who drive themselves
  • Drivers bringing in elderly or infirm patients
  • Drivers bringing in young children

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