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You may have to live with osteoporosis, but you don’t have to live with fear.

A major problem confining older people to their homes isn’t falling itself, but fear of falling. And while their fears are not unfounded (according to the Center for Disease Control, 33% of Americans, age 65 or older, have at least one serious fall each year), this fear response can actually increase their risk for falls. When you limit your mobility you:

  • Lose muscle strength and coordination
  • May be more susceptible to cardiovascular disease
  • Enjoy fewer social interactions
  • May become depressed and turn to medication or alcohol

So, what to do? There’s only one answer, and that’s to take control.

First, recognize that limiting activity to avoid falls is counter productive to your goal. Because, it’s impossible to do nothing.  

Second, let your doctor help you assess your physical limitations realistically and plan a safe program to help you build mobility and reduce risk.

*Howland J. et al. Covariates of fear of falling and associated activity curtailment. The Gerontologist 1998;38:549-555


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