Strong Regional Burn Center

No one ever plans to be burned. But if you or someone you love is ever involved in a fire, explosion or accident, it’s good to know that the Strong Regional Burn Center is close by when every minute counts.

From severely burned patients to patients with minor injuries, our dedicated burn care team is skilled in the techniques to provide the best care available.

Every burn patient is accepted and treated with the same high level of care.

Expert Burn Care, Right in Rochester

We are the only dedicated burn center in the Greater Rochester area, providing:

  • Access to the latest skin grafting technology, cultured technology and a healing clinic, along with treatments and therapies not available anywhere else in Western New York
  • Expert burn surgeons, supported by a specialized team of doctors, nurses, therapists and psychologists, all trained in burn care
  • The latest technology in infection control with a hydrotherapy facility
  • Critical Care Transport Service for the Greater Rochester region
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation resources including: Nutritionists, Social Workers, Child-life specialists and Occupational, Physical and Respiratory therapists

The Strong Regional Burn Center provides excellence in:

  • Critical care
  • Burn wound management
  • Skin reconstruction
  • Rehabilitation

To reach the Strong Regional Burn Center, call 585-275-2876.

More about the Strong Regional Burn Center

Prevention is Key

Be informed and be safe. Read our safety tips to avoid burn

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